Recruiting Services

Recruiting the Right People Impacts Every Area of Your Business

The quality of the patient experience at any practice is directly proportional to the qualities of the staff performing that work. How do they interact with patients? Do they pay attention to detail? Can they work well with others, both managing and managed by them? When there’s a break in alignment between the patient, staff or operational aspects of your business, it reverberates throughout your practice. 

A strong business starts with the right employees, and Fuel Medical Group isn’t just general recruiters. We only work in the otolaryngology, audiology, allergy and facial plastics space, and our dedicated in-house recruiting team can identify, vet and place the best healthcare candidate for your practice needs. 

A Great Employee is More Than Their Work Experience 

What makes a candidate a strong one? If you’ve ever looked beyond work experience when choosing one candidate over another, you know that who they are and what they’re capable of can’t always be expressed through a resume. The best candidate possesses the right mix of knowledge, learned skill, natural ability and can adapt to maintain a high level of care no matter what part of the patient journey they’re working within.

Never Underestimate the Value of a Good Hire.

Our recruitment process is built around alignment. By working with you to comprehensively understand the unique needs of your practice, the reason for hiring, and what you want in a new employee—we don’t just pursue candidates that meet your needs on paper, but candidates whose personalities, skills, and patterns of thinking align with your overarching business goals. 

“The right people working together efficiently connects business goals and patient outcomes and benefits our whole community”

Sarah Laughlin, COPM-CDirector of Human Resources

Our Active Recruitment Solicits The Best Talent For Your Practice 

Recruitment isn’t meant to be passive, and sometimes the best candidates aren’t yet actively searching for a new job. When it comes to your practice’s needs, we don’t let convention dictate where we find the right candidate, because our mission is to find the right candidates wherever they are. Our recruitment network identifies suitable candidates who may be out of the visible marketplace, vastly expanding your pool of candidates versus traditional means of hiring.

You Demonstrate the Value of Your Brand With The People You Hire

The value of your brand is directly proportional to the people who represent it. Your staff aren’t just employees of your practice, they are representatives of the quality of care patients can expect. Maintaining that quality at every step in the patient journey is how you build a patient base that doesn’t just trust you, they don’t want to see anyone else. 

Every hire represents another chain in the patient/practice connection. Fuel Management Group is dedicated to ensuring those links are strengthened by the hiring process, and that the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your new employees make your practice more effective, more impactful and more profitable.

Don’t Wait for The Right Resume. Find the Right Candidate Here and Now.

We’re actively growing our candidate pool every single day, and the cost of a vacancy isn’t an imaginary one. Contact Fuel Medical Group today to work with our recruitment specialists. The hiring decision is yours—we just introduce you to the very best candidates to meet your business goals and enhance your practice.