Website Development

Your Website Is the First Experience Many Patients Have with Your Practice

Online, your website acts as the voice of your business; it is a storyteller speaking to your practice’s history, services and experience. A digital strategy helps you tell your story by bringing in patients that are open to listening to it and in need of the expertise you provide.

“Patients want every experience to be as smooth as possible when they visit your office or when they visit your website. Your website should provide information that supports the office experience and that is easy to consume. This includes services that make patient interactions easier, like contact forms, online intake forms and patient portals. In order to keep your online information and services in line with your in-office experience, Fuel recommends updating your website every 2-3 years.”

Christian LongéWeb Development Manager

ADA and HIPAA Compliance Built-In

Is your website ADA and HIPAA compliant? A Fuel Medical Group website is. Our developers code our sites to meet ADA standards set by the Web Accessibility Initiative. That means current and potential patients with hearing loss or visual impairments can still navigate your website.

A Better Website Is Easier Than You Think

What makes website creation easy? It’s knowing it’s being created by industry leaders with a deep knowledge of consumer search habits and best practices that increase user engagement on your site and pull a visitors gaze towards the services, pages and statements that you want to command their attention.

60% of search is mobile—that’s why we created an app-style
navigation for optimal usability on mobile devices.

Our website development team includes professional designers, developers and content writers. They all work together to bring your concepts to life while marrying them to the best practices of each of their specialties. The end result is a collaborative approach where each individual contributes more to your website than just what their role dictates. 

Our designers use user experience (UX) principles to guide your patients through your site using visual cues and layout. Our content team performs search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your service pages send out strong ranking signals to Google’s search engine. Our developers? They use optimization and UX techniques to ensure the speed, quality, and experience your website provides is maintained across desktop and mobile devices.

A Consumer-Focused Website Strategy Puts Patients First 

As the flagship of your brand voice, story and positioning statement, your website should be very clear when it comes to messaging. You need a consistent voice across 

  • What you stand for 
  • What differentiates you from your competition
  • Your value statements and cornerstone beliefs 
  • A succinct statement as to why you are the obvious choice 

Does your website speak to the person behind the click?

Our content team works with you to craft just the right messaging for your patients and your practice. Consumers search for health care information at every point in their journey, from symptom investigation to treatment options and post-care questions. A Fuel Medical site addresses those needs, helping move site visitors into the right conversion funnel to increase form fills, phone calls and your appointment schedule.

You’re Ready to Develop Your Online Presence

At Fuel, we understand what makes a complete patient experience. We treat your website as more than a representation of your business; it is a digital practice and carries your patient experience and brand into people’s homes. Shouldn’t that online experience enrich the one you provide in person?

Contact Fuel today to learn how a new website can enhance your business growth strategy and engage your patients on and offline.