Additional Practice Support from Fuel’s Vendor Partners

Fuel Medical Group works with a variety of vendor partners to offer you the best solutions for your practice. From new equipment and practice management systems to HIPAA training, our vendors can meet and exceed your current needs. In some cases, Fuel Medical members also receive a custom negotiated discount on vendor products. Here is a list and brief description of our current partners:

5 Keys Communication – 5 Keys Communication was developed to help patients improve their communication skills. This program offers comprehensive strategies and long-term aural rehabilitation for the patient.

ALK – ALK is a global pharmaceutical company focusing on allergy treatment, prevention and diagnosis along with the development of high-quality allergenic extracts.

Allegro Credit – Allegro Credit offers patient financing options for hearing devices. In partnership with Allegro, Fuel Medical offers the Better Hearing Plan, our solution for offering a hearing aid leasing option.

AudBase – AudBase is a HIPAA compliant audiometric software solution that improves clinic workflow by providing a practice with a dedicated platform to access all test data, regardless of equipment brand. Fuel Medical members receive a discount on the AudBase system.

Audiology Academy – Audiology Academy offers audiology assistant training covering the ASHA, AAA and ADA guidelines. Trainings are customized to your practice.

Audiology Systems – Also known as Otometrics, Audiology Systems is a one-stop shop for hearing care and balance equipment needs.

Auditdata – Auditdata streamlines the workflow in audiology clinics by delivering innovative clinic management systems and hearing diagnostic equipment. Fuel Medical members receive special pricing on select Auditdata products.

Blueprint Solutions – Blueprint Solutions provides office management tools to hearing health care practices. They are well known for their Blueprint OMS (office management system) and its many features. Fuel Medical members receive preferential pricing on Blueprint OMS.

Call 4 Health – Call 4 Health provides medical answering services designed to manage urgent and time-sensitive after-hours calls in a fully HIPAA compliant environment.

CaptionCall – CaptionCall assists those with hearing loss by providing a revolutionary phone at no cost with free captioning services to keep them connected with their life.

Captive Audience – Captive Audience provides on hold phone services that educate and advertise practice products to callers as well as offering in-practice slideshow advertising services.

CareCredit – CareCredit is a health care credit card designed for health and wellness needs with convenient monthly payments.

Cochlear Provider Network (CPN) – CPN connects audiology and ENT practices with their medical communities by enabling practices to expand their scope of services and offer implantable hearing solutions to patients.

CodeToolz – CodeToolz works to help medical providers increase their revenue by utilizing a unique proprietary process to review commercial payer contracts for their clients.

Comprehensive Lab Testing (CLT) – CLT provides efficient, cost effective blood testing services and provides an alternative to current labs.

CounselEar – CounselEar provides a cloud-based operations management solution for audiology practices, allowing you to integrate your entire office workflow online. Fuel Medical members receive preferential pricing on the CounselEar OMS.

e3 Diagnostics – e3 Diagnostics is the parent company of well-known distributors and providers of precision diagnostic hearing equipment, calibration services, professional installation and ongoing service. Fuel Medical members receive special discounts from e3 Diagnostics.

Emtech Laboratories, Inc.  – Emtech provides custom earpieces and a full line of hearing health care supplies. Fuel members can take advantage of discounts on a wide variety of Emtech products.

ESCO – ESCO provides extended coverage on hearing aids with coverage areas including loss, damage and normal wear and tear.

Fuel Battery Program – Fuel Medical offers high quality batteries from Rayovac and Power One, most are mercury-free. Members can enjoy Fuel exclusive pricing on all products as well as customization of battery packaging.

Gravity Payments – Gravity Payments is a credit card processing company offering lower transaction fees and better service than the alternatives available to community business owners.

Hear Billing Solutions – Hear Billing Solutions specializes in medical billing and insurance assistance in the audiology field. Fuel Medical members receive a discount on their monthly bills on Hear Billing Solutions services.

HollisterStier Allergy – HollisterStier Allergy develops high quality allergen extracts and strives to be your practice’s partner in allergy management. Fuel Medical members receive custom negotiated pricing for HollisterStier Allergy products.

Intrado – Intrado (formerly West) provides simple, yet powerful technology to bridge the patient communication gap, delivering reminder communications to keep patients on track with their treatment and engaged with surveys to gather feedback.

JEDMED – JEDMED is a health care equipment resource with convenient online ordering and dedicated field support. Fuel Medical members receive discounts on all equipment and surgical instrument purchases through JEDMED.

Medical Risk Institute – Medical Risk Institute creates and provides online instructional courses and materials focused on reducing liability claims for medical professionals and their offices. Fuel Medical members have access to discounted courses.

Mediplay – Mediplay is a personalized, in-house, ad-free patient education and marketing solution displayed on your waiting room television. Fuel Medical members receive special pricing on Mediplay subscriptions and setup.

Oaktree – Oaktree is a multi-line distributor resource of hearing health care products for audiologists and other hearing professionals. Fuel Medical members receive a 10 percent discount on all products purchased through Oaktree.

OneCall Care Management – OneCall’s program is designed to streamline the determination of causality and dispensing of devices for all parties involved in workers’ compensation claims.

Oticon – Oticon is a premier manufacturer of hearing devices supported by BrainHearing ™ technology, which allows users to hear better with less effort.

Oticon Medical – A sister company of Oticon, Oticon Medical offers specialized bone anchored hearing systems to address the needs of those who face the hardest hearing challenges.

Qm2 Solutions – QM2 Solutions uses patient engagement to create quality metrics and other actionable patient information for medical providers. Their proprietary platform collects, scores and analyzes patient reported data to improve care and lower costs.

RapidCare Solutions – RapidCare Solutions is a third-party billing partner serving the audiology community by offering reduced cost billing and credentialing services. RapidCare works to customize their processes to fit within your organization.

ReSound – ReSound is a premier hearing aid manufacturer with 70 years of experience creating innovative hearing solutions with the goal of creating a natural listening experience for its users.

ReviewCloud – ReviewCloud is an employee engagement solution that streamlines performance feedback and enables continual cultural development through focused feedback strategies.

Stallergenes Greer – Stallergenes Greer is a global health care company specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies through the development and commercialization of allergy immunotherapy products and services.

Sycle – Sycle Practice Management is a leading hearing care and audiology practice management system. Fuel Medical members receive preferential pricing on the Sycle OMS.

Transworld Systems, Inc.  – Transworld Systems (TSI) is a leader in accounts receivable management. Their solutions allow practices to resolve past-due and delinquent accounts diplomatically while minimizing write offs.

Westone – Westone is known throughout the world for providing quality custom earpieces, earphones and many other products and services that enhance and protect the hearing experience. Fuel Medical members receive a discount on Westone products.

Widex – Widex is known for creating the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid and remains on the forefront of technology with breakthroughs in wireless connectivity.

Xoran – Xoran makes in-office CT scanners for imaging sinuses, mandible, airway and temporal bones. Their mission is to improve patient care by delivering cutting-edge CT imaging solutions for instant diagnosis at the patient’s point of care. Fuel Medical members can take advantage of 0% financing offers with Xoran.

If you would like more information about any of our vendor partners, visit the Library in the Member Portal, or reach out to your regional manager.

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