CT Scanning with Xoran MiniCAT

One of the benefits of being a Fuel member is that your practice can take advantage of the numerous partnerships we have. One of our partners, Xoran, provides cutting-edge solutions for in-office CT scans, specifically for patients suffering from conditions that affect the sinuses, jaw and airway.

Who Is Xoran?

Xoran Technologies, LLC was founded in 2001 by two research scientists from the University of Michigan with the goal of developing commonsense, innovative technologies that enable physicians to treat their patients more efficiently and effectively. Xoran’s vision is to improve patient care by delivering leading-edge CT imaging solutions for instant diagnosis at the patients’ point of care. Xoran makes in-office CT scanners for imaging sinuses, mandible, airway and temporal bones. Xoran originated in the ENT industry and will continue to support the ENT community by providing high-quality products and services.

What is MiniCAT?

MiniCAT is a compact, upright specialty CT scanner system designed for high-resolution, bone window imaging of the sinuses, temporal bones and skull base. MiniCAT provides immediate access to images at the patient’s point-of-care resulting in a faster diagnosis and treatment.

Why MiniCAT?

There are many reasons to offer MiniCAT scans for patients, including:

  • Physicians control the timing and quality of their scans
  • Patients can be scanned, receive their diagnosis and discuss treatment options in a single visit
  • Additional ancillary revenue for the practice
  • Increases patient retention, leading to increase in procedure volume
  • Provides a much lower radiation dose option compared to traditional CT
  • Pays for itself in as few as 12-15 scans per month, or one additional captured procedure
  • Leads to higher procedure volume
  • Xoran provides assistance with the entire process of installing MiniCAT and accrediting your practice

Financing Options

Fuel Medical has secured 0% interest or low-interest financing programs of varying terms through four of our hearing aid suppliers to create the lowest cost structure in the industry. There is even one option to have several payments waived upon the achievement of higher purchase requirements.

AAO-HNS Position Statement on MiniCAT

Point-of-care imaging represents a modality of service that is in line with the Institute of Medicine’s six dimensions of high-quality care:

  • Safe
  • Timely
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Equitable
  • Patient Centered

Find Out More

At Fuel, we take time to get to know each of our members’ unique needs and develop the best solution for you and your patients. If you’re interested in Xoran and MiniCAT, a Fuel Medical regional manager will connect with your individual practice to assist in developing the plan best suited to your situation.

For more information on MiniCAT or this program, ask your regional manager and they will connect you with your Xoran product expert.

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