Oaktree Products: Your One-Stop Shop for Clinical Supplies

Did you know Oaktree Products is your one-stop shop for all clinical supplies?

Even better, Fuel members receive 10 percent off all Oaktree products.

Oaktree is a multi-line distributor of over 4,200 hearing related health care products for resale or use in the clinical environment. In addition, Oaktree serves as a valuable resource for the hearing industry, offering information, product solutions and technical training / education in various areas of clinical practice including hearing assistance technology, cerumen management and infection control.

With resource pages focused on Amplified Stethoscopes, Cerumen Management, Otoscopes, Alerting systems, PSAPs and Infection Control, Oaktree provides tools to assist in a range of industry specific predicaments. Here are a couple of examples of problems faced and resources available through Oaktree Products.


You have just fitted a patient who is a physician with hearing aids. When they wear them to work the first time the doctor finds he cannot use his stethoscope without taking the eartips out. He is not happy about this and calls you. What do you do? Oaktree offers practical advice and a wide variety of products to help you help your patient.


You have recently fit a patient with severe hearing loss with great results. The patient reports improved communication ability and engagement in their everyday activities. However, they are concerned about not having their hearing aids in at night and the inability to be audibly alerted if necessary. What do you do? Oaktree can help!

Call Oaktree or go to www.oaktreeproducts.com and check out the resource pages. There is a full section on stethoscopes and alerting systems providing practical advice and options.

Fuel Medical members receive a special 10 percent discount off all products purchased through Oaktree. If you’re a current Oaktree account holder, your account number will remain the same. If you’ve never purchased from Oaktree before, let your regional manager know and they will provide you with an account number.

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