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Your patients’ health care journey begins the moment they see you and your team’s smiling faces on your website. That’s why it’s important to recruit and retain staff who can convert that first interaction into a rewarding and lasting relationship.

The problem is—recruiting is tough.

Every business wants to hire the best prospects they can find. However, there are plenty of obstacles. Finding enough time to invest in the process is just one hurdle. Relying on passive resume searches is another.

Fuel’s recruitment team can not only free up invaluable time for you to focus on your patients, but we can design and implement a dynamic, active—and daily—plan that never misses an opportunity to connect you with the best talent and truly taps into the full potential of your practice.

Equipping You With New Ways to Find Your Best Fit

The moment a practice owner considers hiring someone else in the business, their world just got more complex!

From developing a recruitment strategy, to building a compensation plan, to outlining a training program, to managing performance, and keeping on top of ever-changing employment and compliance laws, Fuel’s recruiting and human resources team is the partner with subject matter expertise and industry knowledge to help minimize these distractions so that your team can focus on your patients.

These are just a few of the steps we’ll take to ensure that your recruiting plan is on track:

  • Building an outreach strategy to help you find the best candidates. We’ve designed a process and approach that helps evaluate each applicant through customized, consistent criteria for the best match.
  • Recommending next steps once you make your choice. Our recruiting experience gives us the insight to make strong recommendations for candidates who are well-matched to what your practice or business needs.
  • Offering support with interview questions and give tips on what to listen for. We make recommendations on who should be on the interview panel and also support less experienced interviewers with the tools they need to succeed.
  • Onboarding new hires to create a consistent process and ensure all legal requirements are met. We’ll even help with new hire documents, commission structures and more.
  • Making recommendations for appropriate commission or bonus structures to encourage a team environment. We have access to local and national benchmarks for comparison and provide industry and position-specific salary information.

“I just want to express how much I appreciate the work you’ve done. You are knowledgeable about the profession and the job market and a great judge of character. You lightened my load and provided excellent insight. It’s been a pleasure.”

Marylyn Koble, M.S., CCC-A, Audiologist

Going Beyond the Hiring Process

At Fuel, we believe every hire represents another chain in the patient-practice connection.

The most progressive part of our recruiting strategies is that we don’t stop helping your practice once you’ve landed a candidate—we then start the process of keeping your team aligned. Working in harmony with our professional development team, we help your employees understand the impact of their work so they are more engaged, motivated and less likely to leave, which only keeps your practice and mission more unified.  

Stay active and looking toward the future of your practice’s success with our recruiting team, today.

Become a member of Fuel Medical today to gain access to our Human Resource services—for all new members in the month of June, we will waive the fee for your first recruitment.

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