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NETWORKING—we talk about its importance as it relates to varied topics from patient support to professional development. Yet, the one area where critical networking skills often languish is in recruiting top talent to your workplace.

When there is a .04 percent unemployment rate for audiologists as there is now, where are you going to find someone with the expertise that you need to meet your patient obligations? Consider a two-pronged approach: advertising to the active candidate and networking to help your job reach passive candidates.

Both can be accomplished at AAA’s 2020 conference.

This annual conference is coming up in New Orleans, LA, April 1-4. This is a big event for recruiting externs and new graduates, so we are preparing early in an effort to maximize the results for our members who have hiring needs in order to increase the number of audiology contacts we make to fill future needs.

Here are some exciting benefits we offer:

Ad Posting Deal

HearCareers offers $300 for an ad that runs from the day we post until May 1. Typically, the market cost is $300 for a 30-day ad, so these significant savings can equate to 100 percent. The earlier we can post the ad, the bigger the savings to you.

On-site Interviewing

Attending members (or Fuel on behalf of the members who can’t make it) will have the opportunity to meet with upcoming graduates at AAA who are actively seeking employment and networking with prospective employers to gain industry contacts. We’re currently asking every student and audiologist we meet if they are attending the conference; if they are, we will schedule an in-person meeting with any of our members in attendance or with a Fuel representative.

Remember to consider your strategic plan. Even if the need for staff isn’t urgent, much of the traffic will come from students who won’t graduate until May/June. Now is the time to start the search. Fuel is here to help you with your recruiting needs, and AAA is a great place for us to meet candidates face-to-face on your behalf.

Let us know if you would like to take advantage of this exciting once-a-year offer through HearCareers, if you will be in attendance at AAA, or if you’d like us to meet with attendees on your behalf.

Please give your regional manager or Fuel’s recruiting resource, Christi Hamilton, a call with any questions you have at (360) 949-1093. We’d love to chat with you about this exciting opportunity!

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