Allergy Outcomes

Allergy Solutions for the Future of Otolaryngology

Of all the otolaryngologic specialties, today’s allergy departments now have access to some of the most efficient operational tools available. With Fuel’s Allergy EDGE® cloud-based software, patient education collateral and expert workflow consulting, we can work with your team to deliver a multi-service and revenue-optimizing patient experience to optimize and accelerate your practice’s growth strategy.

“Allergy EDGE is a great solution to streamline the allergy patient experience and improve efficiencies within practices.” 

Evan AllanSoftware Business Analyst

Guided Mixing and Treatment Protocols

How are you managing your immunotherapy division? Whether you’re still relying on paper processing or have adapted existing software solutions, there’s no comparison to our best-in-class cloud-based platform, Allergy EDGE. Designed to guide you in your mixing and treatment protocols while providing a more transparent care model for your patients, Fuel optimizes the process with:  

  • Barcode technology to prevent errors
  • Expiration date tracking
  • The highest level of safety and compliance with USP-797 standards
  • Increased efficiency through contactless check-in with FastPass™

Custom Reporting Capabilities in Real-Time

Working in collaboration with our financial metrics team, we’re able to harness the crucial power of KPIs to make sure you’re tracking data in real-time, so you never miss a growth opportunity. We do this by providing operational data, trends and performance metrics, all while benchmarking your practice against others across the country.

We Focus on Increasing Your Profit Margins

By reducing effort and operational expenses tied to tracking patients, formulas and treatments, we can help you increase profit and free up time for you to offer more value to your patients through ancillary service options.

One of our partnering otolaryngology practices that implemented Allergy EDGE went from zero to 422 allergy patients in a single year—turning a $5,000 investment in the system into $286,453 in increased revenue.

Source: Fuel MedicalAllergy EDGE Case Study

Improved Patient Experience and Conversion Rates

One of the greatest features of our Allergy EDGE software is the FastPass™ system—providing every patient with a unique identity card to be used with a self-check-in, it unlocks a host of benefits for your practice at-large and your patient’s navigation of your continuum of care.

This engages your community at a completely new level, supporting their experience with branded patient education collateral and reduced wait times. Packaged all together with ease-of-use in mind, we can help you boost your conversion rates and generate more leads than ever before.

How Is Your Team Leveraging Your Allergy Experience?   

At Fuel Medical Group, we don’t deal in surface-level strategies—we give you a complete, holistic consulting package, all framed around the progression of your patient experience. When it comes to allergy solutions, this means a dedicated support team to train you on the power of Allergy EDGE, implement it into your unique practice and assist with every operational and analytical detail in between. 

Contact Fuel today to learn how we can optimize your allergy operations to align with your business growth strategy.