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Tomorrow’s Health Care, Made Possible Today

When it comes to the patient of tomorrow, digital services make connections possible.

Google gets a billion health queries every day with 90% of America embracing digital health tools.1,2

Prospective and current patients don’t just turn to the internet for health care information first; they want to be wowed at every touchpoint of the patient journey—from their first Google search to an online appointment follow-up.

The pathway linking that entire journey together? The lightning-fast evolution of digital services. Paid ads. An updated website. Social campaigns. All of these branches of your business are more important than ever before, as are the different ways you can use them to stay connected to your patient’s changing lives.

With Fuel’s ‘Digital Services Promo,’ we show you when and where your patients are searching for your services digitally. From there, we can build and implement a custom strategy to make sure your practice’s digital experience is working for the future of your business—all while saving you thousands of dollars in marketing expenses.

Digital Services Reach Your Patients Where They Are

The online phase of the patient journey is one of the very first touchpoints you can use to engage with a patient, and there are multiple ways to do so. From paid ads to search engine optimization, review collection to social campaigns, every digital service is a powerful, customizable tool to use in this increasingly complex and dynamic space.

Consider the role of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing in a patient’s discovery or ‘online’ phase; the 1980’s equivalent was the magazine ad. It offered a single channel experience whether the person reading it was in critical need of a hearing aid, just starting to notice a loss or needed additional audiology services.

Though now, with PPC tools, we can reach patients in the discovery phase by directly serving ads while they begin their search for health care. In other words, we can market to people who are actively searching for help or searching for the very services your practice offers in real-time, and not just marketing blind.

PPC isn’t just a broad way to place an ad, either. We can target exact phrases that are paired with searches down to very specific levels. ‘Ear care’, ‘Audiology’ and ‘Hearing services’ are just a start—we can even direct ads to your website based on individual services like ‘hearing aid fitting,’ ‘nasal blockage’ or any other services you want to target.

You want to be the first practice in front of patients searching for ‘Balloon Sinuplasty’? PPC can make that happen.

Another great example of the ways digital services can enhance the patient experience is via search engine optimization (SEO). SEO increases “organic” search traffic by targeting patients during the research phase, when they may have specific questions about disorders and treatment and want to find trustworthy information.

Working harmoniously with PPC ads for key services you provide, we can make sure your site is Google search ready and uses content that provides your patients with the best information out there.

Videos, blogs, treatment guides, instant online hearing tests, however you want to establish yourself as the expert, we have an elite team of creatives and content creators to package it together for your patients.

With Our Digital Services Promotion, You Don’t Have to Have the Funds, Just the Drive

At Fuel, we understand that budgets are strained across the board, not just for patients, but for practices as well. As the world turns online to get by, our digital services promo provides for a perfect opportunity to market to your community when connections are needed most, without the strain of added budget stress.

The more ways you engage your patients online, the more opportunities you have to become a touchpoint that can better their health—and your business—today.

Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs with Fuel Digital Services

There’s no time like now to invest in your practice’s future and build stronger digital connections with your patients.  As a Fuel member, you will be eligible for our exclusive hearing aid promotion, with a $2,000 credit to be used on any of the following services through Fuel:

  • New Website Build or Existing Site Refresh
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Reputation Management
  • SHOEBOX Online (online hearing test)

Build and maintain the best possible digital experience with Fuel Medical. Contact us today to learn more about the Digital Services Promo and Fuel membership.

[1] Murphy, M. (2019, March 10). Dr Google will see you now: Search giant wants to cash in on your medical queries. Retrieved November 23, 2020, from

[2] Zweig, M., Shen, J., & Jug, L. (2017). Healthcare consumers in a digital transition. Retrieved November 23, 2020, from

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