A Quick Chat with William Ranes, COPM-C, Regional Manager

Our most recent employee to obtain their COPM-C certification, William Ranes, describes his testing experience, explains how he broke into the health care field and dishes on his ideal Saturday night.

1. Have you always had an interest in health care?

I actually started my professional career in Public Health working in chronic disease prevention.  I was fortunate to be a part of an interdisciplinary team of professionals looking for ways reduce the burden and impact of co-morbidities associated with obesity – diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and asthma.  It was at this time in my career that I really developed a passion for medical practice improvement and the incredible effect those improvements could have on patient outcomes and quality of life.

2. Congratulations on your recent accomplishment of obtaining your COPM-C certification, tell us about that experience?

Where to start…well, it’s a timed test with a four-hour limit and you really do need the entire four hours.  The Association of Otolaryngology Administrators (AOA) created the Certificate of Otolaryngology Practice Management to better define the knowledge required to consult with ENT practices in the practice management and business of Otolaryngology.  Thankfully there is a comprehensive study guide and even a practice test to help you prepare for the official test.  Overall, I’m very glad I was able to go through the process and appreciate the growing network of support from AOA.

3. How do you feel the knowledge learned during this process will benefit the practices you work with?

Otolaryngology is a complex, difficult and ever-changing field.  Going through the COPM-C process left me more confident in my understanding of our industry, and Fuel’s ability to not only make sound recommendations, but help implement those quality improvement activities.

4. What’s your idea of the perfect Saturday night?

Hiding empty wine bottles from my husband – just kidding, however we do really enjoy wine tasting.  As someone who’s on the road a lot for work, I really enjoy a weekend where I get to make a homemade meal and spend time with my family.

5. Fun fact:

Many people joke about me having an evil twin – I actually do (just kidding, he’s not evil).

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