Refer a Colleague

Announcing our new referral program!

We value our partnership with each of you. Just like when a patient refers a new patient to your practice, the highest compliment we can receive is a referral from you! If you refer Fuel to a colleague of yours that results in an introductory phone call with a Fuel regional manager, we will give you your choice of the following thank you packages to help your practice. Pick whichever is most applicable to your needs and your regional team will help you implement it.  It’s our way of saying thank you for your help with a new connection.

Package Options

Database Mailer: Need help getting patients back in the office? Patients you have previously treated are seven times more likely to try a new offering and five times more likely to repurchase than a new patient. Select this 500-piece database mailer with custom content and design of your choosing, up to a $500 value.

Recruitment: Have a position to be filled?  Struggling to find the right candidates?  Let our recruitment team help fill the role with a $500 recruitment package.

Aud Tech Training: Does your audiology department need a new fully trained member to lighten the load and help the team get to the next level? Does someone in your practice want to advance their training? Help them become an Aud Tech with $500 off our exclusive Aud Tech Training Program and increase efficiencies in your office.

Web Optimization: Do you want to increase your website’s search ranking?  Increase visibility and organic traffic with up to $500 in SEO, reputation management or citation services.

Professional Development: Would your front office benefit from some refresher training?  How about reigniting the fire in the team for your culture? Use our Professional Development team for any staff training and receive $500 off.

Work with your regional manager to connect them with a potential new Fuel member for an introductory phone call.  Then, choose the option that is most valuable to your practice.  Thank you for your help and our continued partnership!