2020-2021 ENT & Audiology Salary Survey

Fuel Medical is asking for YOUR help compiling the largest sample of staffing and salary data in the industry to answer these and other critical questions:

  1. What are the norms for staffing levels in a practice our size?
  2. What are the low-med-high compensation levels by position?
  3. What do bonus plans look like in other organizations like yours?
  4. What types of positions do other practices like yours employ across their organization?

In a tight labor market, you need to have confidence in what your practice has to offer.  A salary survey provides reliable benchmarks that can help you determine if your confidence is well placed.

Sarah Laughlin, COPM-CDirector of Human Resources

By completing this survey, you will join hundreds of others across the country to establish statistical norms for staff size and compensation in all types and sizes of practices.

Fuel membership is not required to participate, and all participants will receive our report when we publish in early 2022. Data collected will be held under NDA and only shared with our Director of Human Resources.

Multi-Specialty & ENT

  • ENT Practice (Privately Owned)                                             
  • ENT Practice/Dept (Hospital System)                                    
  • ENT Practice/Dept (Academic/University Affiliation)

Audiology or Hearing Aid Practices

  • For-Profit Audiology & Hearing Aid Practice                                     
  • Non-Profit Speech & Hearing Practice                                              
  • Audiology Department – University

View our Instructional Video for technical support.