Stop Outsourcing Allergy Care and Enhance Your Service Offering

April is peak allergy season. Spring is in the air—and so are increased amounts of pollen. If you’re an ENT physician, you’re likely beginning to see a steady stream of patients coming in and asking, “What’s up with my nose, doc?”

ENT physicians are the best choice for patients with any nose or sinus complaint—they excel at getting to the root cause of the issue. But unfortunately, many still refer patients to an outside allergist for treatment because they don’t have an in-house allergy department, passing up the opportunity to provide optimal care and increase ancillary revenue.

Patients Will Breathe Easier With One-Stop Nasal Relief

Of course, some patients who visit an ENT with allergy-related symptoms, such as nasal congestion, may not actually have allergies. “Allergies” is a catch-all word patients seem to use to describe any nasal symptom they experience. Fortunately, an ENT physician has the training and expertise to correctly pinpoint the source of their symptoms and provide the appropriate treatment.

However, if the issue really is allergy-related, why not give patients what they need? Adding an in-house allergy department provides patients with a one-stop solution that makes accessing health care less of a hassle—and offers an ENT practice a clear way to become more profitable. In fact, take a look at these numbers on how building an allergy department inside your practice can benefit not only the patient, but also the bottom line.

With a $27,000 investment in office modifications, equipment and software, a mid-sized practice in the northwest was able to launch their allergy immunotherapy services to patients. With our assistance, the program achieved positive cashflow after just 90 days. The practice, which initially had no allergy patients, grew in one year to 422 patients, generating $286,453 in revenue. By the second year, they had grown to 929 patients and generated $567,840.

Not only were patients able to receive allergy treatment in the practice they were accustomed to going to and from the providers they had learned to trust, but the practice benefitted from the addition of a significant source of revenue.

Ready to Set Up Allergy Services? Help Is Right Under Your Nose

Creating an allergy department from scratch can be a daunting task, especially when you have so many other things on your plate. You need experts with a track record of success in the allergy space—and you’ll find them at Fuel Medical and US ENT.

With US ENT, you’ll have a partner that can help you with the initial setup, logistics and overall financial considerations, including negotiating the best prices on your allergy supplies.

With Fuel, you have access to its best-in-class Allergy EDGE software, designed to facilitate patient and practice safety and monitor key data metrics to ensure cutting-edge care. Fuel can also create customized, targeted marketing programs to attract new patients and turn existing ENT patients into allergy patients.

Interested in growing your business by adding ancillary allergy services? Talk to your Fuel regional manager today about the next steps. 

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