Content Search Optimization

Longterm Growth Through Technical and Content SEO

Search engine optimization is a broad term with a singular goal—to increase organic traffic back to your website.

SEO strengthens signals that can push existing pages up in the search results for specific terms, help pages rank for new key terms and phrases and acquire more search result real estate with the inclusion of images, question and answer boxes and other rich snippets. SEO can also identify and fix errors that may be hurting your site and preventing entire pages from showing up in search results.

We Target the Services You Want to Grow

Targeted SEO is more useful than general SEO, because it focuses our specialists’ time on the areas you care about most. We work with you to identify what is working well, what isn’t and how you want to see your traffic patterns change. 

  • We create and publish topical blog groups that cover your most valued services in-depth
  • We network content assets, boosting positive search signals to your best-performing pages
  • We enhance on-page signals to claim the most real estate in Google’s search results
  • We analyze site performance and adjust our strategy to reflect changing traffic patterns

“SEO efforts should focus on the services that help grow your business and bring in customers first. While every department contributes to search engine optimization because it touches so many areas both on and off of a website, enhanced content through service page revisions, FAQs additions and scheduled blogs that support your services is key.”

Tyler ZdenekSEO & Content Manager

Technical and Content SEO in One Package

Technical optimizations improve your on-site positive ranking signals and search display.

  • Schema Additions
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking
  • Meta Tags

Content optimizations improve your key term and service ranking signals and search query breadth. 

  • Service Page Additions
  • Monthly Blog Posts
  • Image Additions
  • Image Tags

SEO isn’t set in stone either. If your practice’s priorities change—we change with them. 

We’ll make data-based recommendations, but optimization focus areas are up to your discretion. Adjusting blog topics and optimization priorities can help boost traffic for new departments or services, and we believe that re-strategizing can break open traffic streams that may otherwise be stuck.

Does SEO Ever Stop Working?

The best feature of SEO is that it doesn’t turn off. Improvements to your website can provide an increase in your organic traffic numbers and overall rankings long after the work is completed. Traffic gains typically require maintenance and adjustment to maintain; this can take the form of additional on-page content, videos or blogs that support and expand on the information provided by your service pages.

Additions help to keep your content fresh and ahead of competitors who may be looking at what your website does well in order to try and improve upon it.

How Does Your Marketing Company Help Your Business to Compete?

At Fuel Medical Group, we offer complete healthcare digital marketing services across SEO, SEM, social media and reputation management. We analyze our member’s web presence, competition and growth plans in order to recommend the right services and package levels for their practice needs.  

Contact Fuel Medical Group today to learn how monitored, custom and transparent SEO services can help further grow your business today.