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Attend Xoran’s Practice Builder Session at AOA 2018

If you’ve been considering implementing point-of-care CT but are unsure how to integrate it into your practice workflow, Xoran’s Practice Builder Session is for you.

Practice Re-boot—How Quality Patient Care and Point-of-Care CT Go Together

Sept. 12, 1:35 p.m. – 2:50 p.m.

New Orleans, LA

Without Point-of-Care CT

Xoran has done the analysis for you.

Without MiniCAT, it can take up to three weeks to have the patient attend his first appointment and finally get his CT scan from a radiologist. Then, it can take another one to three weeks to schedule the patient’s follow-up appointment and get him scheduled for, possibly, much needed surgery.

That’s if the patient is compliant.

In the intervening time, anything can happen—the patient doesn’t get his scan, he gets the scan but doesn’t return for the follow-up visit, or worse, he goes somewhere else for treatment.

With Point-of-Care CT

When an ENT practice with MiniCAT performs the…

  • Initial appointment
  • Low dose MiniCAT scan
  • Discussion of treatment plan

…all in the same visit, patient retention and compliance are drastically improved.

Implementing a MiniCAT as a point-of-care CT solution allows physicians to streamline the treatment of their patients. With MiniCAT’s real-time reconstruction, images are available immediately after a scan is taken, making it even easier for surgeons to discuss the treatment procedures available—on the same day the patient came in for his initial appointment.

What’s more—the physician can view images on networked computers using Xoran’s viewing software in any exam room or office, meaning they can comfortably and privately review the scan results with their patient, right after the scan is taken.

Email to get a pre-attendee study guide, “Xoran’s Workflow Solutions,” which visually reviews workflow without point-of-care CT and with point-of-care CT.

POC CT Office Workflow is different for every size practice

Xoran understands that your practice size determines how you implement point-of-care CT into your workflow. Let Xoran’s AOA Practice Builder session help!

In the session, “Practice Re-boot—How Quality Patient Care and Point-of-Care CT Go Together,” leaders from all different size practices will discuss:

  • Due Diligence—how to infuse revenue and workflow improvements into your practice with point-of-care CT
  • Implementation—how to roll-out this ancillary service
  • Benchmarking—measuring how POC CT improves patient care

We hope to see you there!

Xoran is a partner of Fuel Medical Group. To learn more about the products Xoran offers, contact your regional manager.

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