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…moving away from centralized billing has been pleasantly fantastic. Yes, it was nice to go to one place and see what we paid and pay everything at once, but the flip side is that we have way more transparency now about what we spend on things. With Elite, I could only look back and see what we had paid. With Fuel, because we’re working directly through our manufacturers, we know what we will pay. That allows me to make better decisions about our pricing and how we’re billing patients.

I have a standing weekly meeting with Dan and Alan, and it has helped us catch a lot of projects that Fuel can help us with that I didn’t even realize. Dan is an audiologist, so he’s been looking into helping us design our own vestibular program for training. Fuel is also recruiting audiology technicians for us and taking on some of the training through Fuel’s Aud Tech program. I had no idea that was going to be available. Being able to just stick our new aud techs in front of a computer to do some of their training has taken a lot off my plate. If Fuel can’t help with something, they’ll tell you, “We can’t help with that.” But I have yet to hear that answer.

Lisa DomkeAudiology Technician
All About Hearing/Alpine ENT

Fuel takes all the guesswork out of strategic planning. Every year, they create a quarterly marketing plan for our practice that keeps our university budget in mind. They work diligently to keep everything on a schedule, minimizing our stress, which allows us to focus on our students and our patients.

They meet with me personally to discuss our clinic’s top 3 goals for that year and set objectives on how we can achieve our goals. It’s seamless and effective. I highly recommend their services. Fuel is wonderful.

Abbye M. Callender, AuDClinic Director & Staff Audiologist
Pacific EarClinic 

I am very impressed with the myriad of Fuel services we have utilized since switching from Elite to Fuel at the beginning of this year. Austin Auditory Specialists was with Elite for 12 years prior to making the change. We interviewed and evaluated several buying groups, and I could not be happier with the decision that we made. Although we had participated in several of Elite’s marketing campaigns, phone services, etc. – I did not fully understand the benefits that a comprehensive buying group could and should provide.

Pricing was the single most important factor in my search for a buying group. Fuel was comparable to Elite. At first, I was concerned that losing my ‘one stop’ billing through Elite would result in increased time and effort to pay directly through the manufacturer. In fairness, it did take me a bit to figure out how I was going to keep track of it all. I’m happy to report that we now use a simple system to track all orders and charges – this has actually resulted in our audiologists/staff catching more manufacturer billing errors.

Within weeks of the switch, Fuel had: revamped our forms, spiffed up our logo, created strong branding guidelines, helped me develop a comprehensive marketing strategic plan, and even created new art for our walls. The first months were also busy creating our new website. Your team’s collaborative process and creativity resulted in a highly personalized website that truly represents our practice.

The biggest surprise for me was the marketing services. Our office had, throughout the years, participated in Elite-driven marketing campaigns. They were markedly less successful than our own campaigns or those that we would periodically participate in through various manufacturers. I have had a vastly different experience with Fuel. The print marketing has already included several patient letters and the creation of a quarterly newsletter. Our digital marketing began about three months ago (when the website was up and running) – SEO, SEM, social media and google ads. As I look at our provider schedule next week alone, we have several consultations scheduled as a direct result of these marketing efforts.

In the matter of months since we switched from Elite to Fuel, our expenses have decreased… We are ALREADY seeing an increase in traffic from both digital and print marketing. Our print materials (brochures, rack cards, newsletters, business cards) all look stellar and have brand consistency. You have encouraged me to send all manner of ‘asks’ to you, and each time I’m met with a ‘sure thing – we’ll get right on it.’

Most of all, I have appreciated Fuel’s support and advocacy and look forward to working with you for years to come.

All the best and many thanks,

Tracy Armstrong, MA, CCC-ADirector of Audiology
Austin Auditory Specialists

We have used Fuel Medical Group for years and have been extremely happy. In addition to hearing aid pricing with the manufacturers, Fuel does my website, SEO, SEM, marketing, HR, hiring and acts as a consulting resource. With Fuel we have been able to strengthen our relationships with the hearing aid manufacturers and provide a better experience for our patients. I can’t say enough good things about Fuel.

Bob ConnellyCEO
Pinnacle ENT Associates

Fuel has been incredibly resourceful from day one. During the transition process (we were previously with YHN Consult) they provided all requested information expeditiously, were very collaborative with our leadership, legal and purchasing departments, and made the process as seamless as possible. Since becoming Fuel members we have already tapped Fuel’s resources and expertise in the areas of human resources (externship recruitment process, new position/role creation guidance, salary benchmarks/resources, etc), marketing efforts, streamlining audiology ordering processes with the battery portal, etc. The fuel staff are incredibly easy to work with and are very responsive. Various team leads pull together to provide a comprehensive approach to all questions/concerns posed and just a month into this relationship our entire team (audiologists, support personnel, leadership) feels comfortable and confident that Fuel will help us become better hearing care providers and more successful as a department. One word to summarize Fuel–RESOURCEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia B. Croce, AuDAudiologist & Director
Jefferson Balance and Hearing Center


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