Practice Support

Practice Support Services Cover Every Major Aspect of Your Business

There are different ways to approach the growth of your practice. You can strategize, research and invest significant time learning every facet of medical practice, but what if there was an easier way?

Working with a company that specializes in best practice training for clinic management provides all of the tools and support you need to grow without having to go it alone. Fuel Medical Group has worked with practices or all sizes to improve processes, save money and increase patient retention for more than 10 years.

Everyone can benefit from a little support.

Supporting a practice is critical to its longevity and health as a business, but support means different things to different staff members. The support needs of an audiologist are not the same as a business administrator or ENT.

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all model. We teach and train your staff to excel in their individual positions; however your clinic chooses to shape them, creating a brand that encompasses the entire patient experience.

Financial support identifies revenue-generating opportunities, cost savings, KPI tracking and patient journey enhancements while Fuel Medical Group members receive exclusive discounts on hearing aids from major vendors. We work with Oticon, ReSound, Signia, Sonic Innovations and Widex.

We don’t want to change what’s already working well; we just want to help you achieve your practice’s full potential.

How Do We Support the Success of Your Daily Operations?

Your Brand is More Than a Logo

At Fuel Medical Group, our digital, creative and content teams work together to create a unified brand for your practice; from the tone of voice on your website to the layout of your waiting room, every detail tells your patients something about who you are. 

Our team creates brand cohesion that guides patients from awareness of your practice into ongoing care. The message your brand sends remains the same across mediums, digital and in-person spaces, building a patient’s trust in your practice, mission, staff and operations.

Audiology & Allergy Practice Outcomes

The future of your practice depends on what you do today, but you can’t make forward-facing decisions without knowing how your practice is performing and what areas can benefit from improvements. Our outcome services focus on several core concepts; KPI tracking, patient journey enhancement and staycare treatment planning.

Where does your practice get it’s EDGE?

Audiology EDGE is a unique big-data analysis platform that doesn’t just track your KPIs, it shows you where you can improve them. We use that data to identify where patient drop-off is occurring across journey touchpoints, and work with you to craft marketing materials, implement training systems and develop treatment plans that build patient loyalty and incentivize continued care through your practice.

Revenue Generation through Management, Analysis and Cost Reduction

Growing your patient base is just one aspect of revenue generation. The technical side includes 3rd party payer plan optimizations, buying power, patient journey analysis, and so much more. Identifying opportunities for growth is one thing, capitalizing on them is another—our team can help you accomplish both.

The Power of a Business Solutions Company and the Cost Analysis to Capitalize on It

Our vendor partners span the ENT, hearing, balance and allergy space, providing you with buying power to reduce costs of goods and equipment. Our platforms track and analyze KPIs, identifying operations areas that can be streamlined, gaps in the revenue cycle, unnecessary spending and much more.

Value-Based Care Meets Patient-Focused Quality

We adapt your current care system to maintain complete HIPAA compliance while expanding on what value-based care looks like for your practice. Value isn’t just in the service you provide; it’s the experience that reinforces the patient connection, increasing retention and bringing in new patients through word-of-mouth referrals.

Staff Development for Every Milestone

Recruiting the Best Person for the Job

The right staff begins with recruitment. Our recruiting specialists can help you fill any staff positions you may have open and align the strengths of your existing staff. Fuel’s training and development program are designed to foster a patient-forward attitude that helps adjust not just how people handle their work and co-workers but also how they interact with patients.

Train and Develop Your Individual Staff Members into Unified Team Members

Whether they’re new to your practice or they’ve been a trusted team member for years, Fuel Medical Group can help you get the best from every one of your team members. We work on an individual level to help staff excel at their individual positions. Our trainers focus on interoffice communication,  patient engagement and workflow improvements for individuals as well as teamwork focused group training sessions.

Implement the HR Functions Your Practice Needs to Stay Compliant 

A fully-staffed medical practice requires ongoing human resource help in order to maintain the standards you’ve set. Most practices do not require a full-time HR representative. Our HR specialists will train you and the employees of your choosing to set inter-office expectations and guidelines, carry out employee reviews, effectively use disciplinary actions and perform additional HR functions.

You’ve built a practice from the foundation up. We can provide you with the tools to expand it.

You can put it off for another year, but your practice pain points won’t just disappear. You aren’t alone, though. Choosing Fuel Medical Group as your practice support partner means just that, a partnership, and when your fourth quarter ends, the time, retention and financial savings you achieve are yours.

We can support all areas of your business. You put the training into practice. Contact Fuel Medical Group today to start your practice on the path towards a more profitable tomorrow.