Online Review Management for Doctors and Physicians

Your digital practice exists whether your physical practice is open or not.

A patient doesn’t need to have a single interaction with you or your staff to have a negative experience. Incorrect hours online, an uncomfortable waiting room, a frustrating experience at a similarly named practice— the factors that can impact your business are many.

“Reputation Management allows your practice to create transparency with your patients and, in turn, builds trust. Trust is the foundation that provides a reliable relationship between future patients, current patients and practice.”

Nearly three out of four consumers trust a
company more if the reviews are positive.

Source: Ignyte

Protecting Your Digital Reputation Starts With Management

You have two options when it comes to reviews.

The Passive Approach: You can hope you’re providing an experience positive enough to inspire a patient to leave a review, and that you’ll receive more positive reviews than negative reviews. 

The Active Response: You can create a system that incentivizes positive online reviews while allowing you to direct and address patients with negative experiences before they share that experience online.

How Does Reputation Management Route Your Reviewers?

We embed a review widget on your website that directs the attention of visitors to a list of positive reviews and asks them if they’d like to share details about their own patient experience. 

When a patient indicates a positive experience, they’re encouraged to leave a review on one of several major social channels where your practice has a profile. 

When a patient indicates a negative experience, the widget takes them to a separate screen to leave an immediate review. That review is sent directly to your practice so you can respond to it personally and address the patient’s concerns at an individual level before they share them with a broader public audience.

DID YOU KNOW? Reviews affect your MAP Pack search result rankings! Positive reviews that include service key terms increase your local MAP listing position when people search for those key terms. While you cannot control what a patient writes into a review, you can help ensure your practice gets a positive review from patients who are happy, engaged and excited to share their experience.

Generate Positive Customer Reviews With an Email Campaign

Automated email campaigns make it easy to solicit reviews using a provider uploaded patient email list. This is one of the easiest and safest ways to increase the number of positive reviews your practice has because emails are only sent to the patients you want. 

We provide in-practice collateral that complements your chosen digital services.

49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business.

Source: Ignyte

Catch and Respond to Negative Reviews

You can’t always route a review. If it comes from outside of your site, there’s nothing you can do to prevent someone from writing something negative and posting it online.

How you choose to respond to reviews is within your control. 

But you have to know you’ve received a negative review in order to respond to one.

53% of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week. But 63% say that a business has never responded to their review.

Source: Ignyte

Our reputation management system notifies you when a new review is posted to one of your location profiles for Google, Facebook and Healthy Hearing. 

We provide HIPAA compliant response templates to help you respond in a manner free of identifying details. Remember, responses should not even imply or acknowledge the reviewer was or was not a patient.

Is your search strategy complete?

Review Management is just one part of a larger whole. SEO, SEM and Web Design all contribute to how well your website ranks on Google’s search engine. Each area of work targets a specific traffic type while supporting and enhancing the whole. If you’re missing one area of digital marketing, you’re limiting every area of digital marketing. 

Learn more about how all of these areas work together.