Print Marketing

Print Marketing Made to Complement a Digital World

Even in the digital age, print marketing’s response rate remains a powerful driver of new patient acquisition, brand recognition and patient retention. Whether leveraging broad print advertising channels (newspapers, magazines, trade journals, etc.) or direct mail campaigns (database or purchase lists) fuel can help you seamlessly weave this reliable tool into your overall marketing strategy.  

It takes 7-13 touch points for the average individual to trust a brand enough to make a purchase. Successful brands know this and utilize a wide variety of pathways to reach potential new patients, direct mail, in-office pamphlets, signage, and more.

Source: Online Marketing Institute

Improve Patient Retention with Our Custom-Crafted Direct Mail 

Of the myriad ways to increase your practice’s patient retention rate and keep them loyal to your model of care, direct mail should be part of your strategy. 

Our marketing specialists work with you to develop mailers meant to hit your ROI targets, while keeping your patient database engaged, via:  

  • Specialty-specific newsletters stocked with fresh, relevant content to keep your patients educated on all your services.
  • Custom-designed appointment reminders, birthday cards and other patient-centric messages to drive loyalty.
  • Gentle, yet powerful communications designed to move a patient to their next step in the patient journey whether that be accepting treatment, upgrading their devices, renewing their warranty, or referring a friend.

Well-crafted direct mail makes a lasting impression on every generation of patient and shows you’re paying attention to their needs. This is especially true for long-term patients, who are more inclined to refer their friends and family.

Campaigns Built to Acquire New Patients

In an attention economy, print marketing continues to offer practices a way to stand out against their competition and drive new patient acquisition. With creative messaging and innovative design, we help practices capture attention and motivate individuals to seek out your practice. . Physician referral campaigns, calculated discounts or offers of new technology or treatment options—whatever your budget, we have a way to support a unique outreach strategy.

The average patient generates $9,282 in revenue which equates to $5,785 in profit over their lifetime.

Reenergize Your Brand With Multi-Channel Ads That Engage

Whether it’s a memorable billboard or a well-timed ad-buy, every piece of collateral you invest in has the potential to reenergize the many different faces of your brand. We can help you think critically about your market and strategize ways to engage with it, fortifying your practice’s mission in the process. 

“A constant challenge in the hearing industry is the amount of time a patient waits before seeking and accepting treatment for their hearing loss. Print marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to get in front of people who need your services but aren’t actively seeking them yet—a key tool in motivating them to take that next step.”

Kathleen AndersDigital Marketing Manager

How is Your Practice Leveraging Print Marketing?

At Fuel, we collaborate with your team to launch custom print marketing campaigns that work in harmony with your practice’s dynamic needs. From multi-channel ad buys to targeted call-to-actions, our in-house designers, writers and marketing professionals create one-of-a-kind collateral made to perform.

Contact Fuel today to learn how to leverage print marketing in your business growth strategy.