Social Media Management

Social Media Management Made Easy

In addition to making your practice more visible online, social media profiles give a face to a service, creating lasting touchpoints for continued patient retention and proving your value. Social sites are where your members engage with the things they love, be it people, products, or brand. By engaging through social media, you open new doors into your practice and make them sharable.

Your business’ social media pages remain an important line of communication with patients, potential patients, and your community, whether your physical practice has reopened or not.

Take Control of Your Social Presence Before Someone Else Does

For new patients, your social page might be the first interaction they have with your business. Do you have access to it? Do you know who does and what they’re posting? Are those posts maintaining HIPAA compliance? Knowing the answers to those questions can be the difference between a PR opportunity and a PR nightmare. 

Our social media packages begin with account creation and setup for major social sites you don’t have, and a complete audit for the sites you do. Take control of your online branding and messaging, Fuel Medical Group can help. 

A Consistent Social Presence That’s On Brand

The most difficult part about social media is that a business page doesn’t just need consistent activity to remain relevant in a platform’s rankings; it needs consistent messaging to resonate with your current and prospective patients. Just how much of an impact does brand cohesion have on your bottom line?

Fuel Medical Group’s social media specialist is adept at unifying a medical practice’s social media profile branding with its website, physical office and marketing materials. 

“Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.”

Source: Forbes

Consistency across properties helps people remember your brand faster and associate it with the ideals you and your practice value most.

Make Your Message Heard on The World’s Largest Communication Platform

Communicating through social media is one of the best ways to reach socially engaged patients and users online.

By using different social channels, you help to maintain your brand’s consistency while reaching different patient demographics on each. Just 18% of Facebook users are under the age of 24, while that same age accounts for 35.3% of Twitter users.

We curate and craft  impactful sharable content and post unique regular and seasonal posts for your social media profiles that speak to different audiences and patient profiles. At least one post a week (that’s just four per month) is recommended but our social media packages can be further customized to accommodate any practice’s social goals. 

How Does Your Marketing Company Help Your Business to Compete?

With social media business pages now serving as virtual storefronts second only to websites, your practice’s social pages should be a cornerstone of your communication and marketing strategies. Our social media services help your practice build brand awareness, communicate authentically, and advertise to patients, potential patients, their influencers and your local community.

Contact Fuel Medical Group today to see how customized, curated, and branded social media services can help further grow your business today.