Patient Intake & Rooming

Create Your One-Stop Health Care Experience

Making consumer-driven, value-based innovations to your operations at-large—from your brand’s core to your treatment solutions—is the future of health care. We apply this mentality to every action we take at Fuel and can help unite your staff and your processes around a value proposition that benefits your patients and your practice.  

“Patients are often unaware of all of the services you provide. Make the most out of their visits by ensuring that your waiting room, exam rooms and staff educate them.”

Rose DuLude, Ph.D., CCC-A, FAAADirector of Audiology

Mapping the Emotions of Your Patients’ Journey

Accounting for the mindset of your community is great for marketing and your continuum of care. A lot of providers don’t realize that, at every step of the journey, we can measure the emotions of your patients as its own metric. 

Starting from a website visit to scheduling, through check-in to rooming, the experience is your product, and we’re here to coach your staff on how it impacts the patient journey. A patient’s emotional state changes drastically over the course of diagnosis and treatment. Recognizing those changes and responding to their current state builds empathy and trust that cannot be paralleled when it comes to retaining that patient through long term care.

The environment that your patients step into sets the tone
for their whole relationship with your practice.

Meeting Your Patients’ Needs—Even the Ones They Didn’t Know They Had 

A patient can’t treat what they’re not thinking about. Depending on the ancillary specialties you currently offer, how are you mediating the experience? Do your patients have collateral to read off and online? From digital waiting room ads to custom multi-specialty screeners, we can help you diversify what a patient is able to accept and get help for. Even small changes can dramatically improve your ability to produce revenue from ancillary services. 

Integrating Telehealth into Traditional Intake Methods

Time is money, as they say, on both sides of the patient-provider coin. To reaffirm your consumer-driven value-based care model, the experience you provide must match your brand. Fuel can help train your staff on the nuances of a warm and effective digital intake experience that balances the delivery of modern telehealth services with your traditional intake methods.

According to a Merritt Hawkins survey, the average wait time for a new patient physician appointment is 24 days, compared to just 20 minutes for a telemedicine appointment (via eVisit).

Source: Merritt Hawkins

Is Your Patient Intake Experience As Unique as Your Brand? 

We can help you create a more fluid patient intake experience for everyone involved, integrating how and why you practice medicine into every aspect of the intake and rooming process. The opportunities to inform and engage your patients are everywhere—Fuel can help you to fully realize those moments in a way that positively impacts patient health and practice growth.   

Contact Fuel Medical Group to learn how our custom patient intake solutions can help further grow your business today.