Treatment Acceptance

Teaching the Art of Critical Patient Treatment Conversations

The acceptance of treatment for conditions is the hardest part of a doctor’s job. The only way to make this harder is by approaching it without a strategy. At Fuel, we can teach you how to approach these critical conversations with your patients as a compassionate guide on their journey to better health.

“Acceptance of treatment isn’t a logical choice; if it were logical, everyone would get hearing aids. It’s an emotional choice, and our patients are in emotional paralysis.”

Rose DuLude, Ph.D., CCC-A, FAAADirector of Audiology

Understanding the Psychology of Your Patients

Let us help you understand what’s driving your patients’ behavior. With our on-site, proprietary training techniques, we can break down what drives the consumer side of your patients’ brains. Our teaching methods unite compassion and care, mirroring the communication techniques you’ll learn to better connect with your patients while providing the information they require to establish long term trust.

Utilizing a consumer-driven method will increase your engagement and your success rate. Over 70% of patients judge their satisfaction on transparency of care (e.g., what tests and what treatment needs to be conducted and why).

Source: Accenture

Engaging Your Patients Visually and Verbally

The consultative process has always been a mediated experience. Unfortunately, a lot of providers push subpar treatment collateral on their patients, failing to update them with new information or up-to-date imagery. Fuel’s marketing experts work in tandem with your practice to create one-of-a-kind patient education materials that don’t just present new information in modern ways, they put your practice in the same light. 

Some pieces of collateral we can customize to your practice include:

  1. Our World Reconnected Booklet—a guide to the benefits of consistent audiological care and quality-of-life factors and options. 
  2. Our Audiogram of Familiar Sounds—a hearing test engagement tool, illustrated by our in-house design team. 
  3. Our Allergy Resource Guide—a comprehensive booklet mapping symptoms seamlessly to treatment solutions.

Action-Oriented, Step-by-Step Communication Methods

Even with artful listening skills and hand-crafted patient education materials, medical providers can turn their treatment conversations into a robotic affair. Don’t fall into that trap. Through coaching, mentoring and proven communicative training methods, we can help you actively engage with your patients to enhance the acceptance and satisfaction of their treatment journeys. 

How Are You Elevating Your Treatment Acceptance Conversations? 

The consumer psychology of your patients and value-based culture affect your revenue cycles and how patients funnel into different methods of care. We’re here with all the tools you need to comfortably navigate this aspect of your business so you can compassionately and successfully offer your patients the treatment options they deserve. 

Contact Fuel Medical Group to learn how our custom treatment acceptance solutions can help further grow your business today.