Revenue Growth

Tailored Revenue Growth Strategies That Match Your Objectives

When you think of revenue growth, what are the key areas that come to mind? At Fuel Medical Group, we’ve worked with hundreds of ENT, audiology, allergy, university and facial plastic practices that all have similar pain points:

  • Uncertainty of long-term revenue-generating opportunities in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape
  • Unsure how to improve practice efficiency without impacting care levels
  • Difficulty acquiring new patients who aren’t a direct or indirect referral

A Partnership That Grows With You

Fuel partners with you. We don’t approach you with a fully-realized growth plan because your practice needs should always determine direction. After discussions with you and your team and an analysis of your practice’s current baseline, our specialists plan phased initiatives to improve patient acquisition, optimize managed care, and maximize your online reach, presence and recognition.

We’ve worked with members to expand services, open new practice locations and break into entirely new marketplaces. Whatever your practice size and expansion goals, we can help you reach them.

Growth looks different for every practice, that’s why our strategies are built around who you are, how you do business, and where you want to go.

It All Starts With a Patient-First, Service-Based Care Strategy

Every patient journey begins with an issue. It might be simple, it might be complex, but there is a service or product that can treat it. Our acquisition strategies are multi-faceted, working through digital and print campaigns to target potential local patients at major steps in their journey to wellness. 

Our team will help you to identify product and service gaps within your practice while fine-tuning the treatment plan options to compete in today’s competitive market. We will help analyze and recommend the best managed care plans for fair compensation and create service packages to maintain the level of care your patients expect. 

Digital Marketing Through Web Design

Digital marketing isn’t what it used to be. It’s not enough to have an attractive website. It also has to support your other branding and marketing efforts and may be the very first place a patient ever interacts with your practice.

Our site designers work with you to ideate and create a digital presence that foundationally supports your entire brand. Color use, image choice and placement, text and button shape—it all works together to draw visitors to the service areas that carry the most value to your practice while maintaining brand continuity across channels.

Speed matters more than ever, and our developers code your custom designed site to load quickly and scale correctly. The experience visitors have on a Fuel-built site is intuitive and easy, whether they’re on a mobile phone or desktop computer.  

Search engine optimization provides long term organic traffic by increasing your website’s technical ranking signals strength and broadening your content scope to capture search traffic at every stage of the research process.

Marketing Campaigns Across Every Media Format

Print marketing has an incredibly high engagement rate and can have a major impact. Whether it’s flyers, in-office materials, postcards, or posters—our print campaigns provide trackable progress that gets new patients in the door and reengages those who haven’t scheduled recently.

Online advertising includes Google, Facebook and Yelp ads. Our campaigns are designed to target local searchers who are ready to convert using intelligent bidding strategies and custom created landing pages. 

You’ve built a practice from the foundation up. Our growth strategies can help you expand.

You can put it off for another year, but your practice needs strategic care to grow. You aren’t alone though. Partnering with Fuel Medical Group to help evaluate and enhance your revenue growth strategies means just that, a partnership. When your fourth quarter ends, the additional patients, digital assets and managed care solutions you achieve are yours.

We show you how you can grow your practice. You put those strategies into practice with the assistance of a large team supporting your initiatives. Contact Fuel Medical Group today to start your practice on the path towards a more profitable tomorrow.