Patient Engagement

Engage With Patients During Every Step of Their Journey

The patient journey is a complex and varied one—engagement happens at every touchpoint within it, but if your practice isn’t the one engaging, then you aren’t the one guiding the narrative. At Fuel Medical Group, we work with ENT, audiology, allergy, university and facial plastic practices to take a holistic approach to patient engagement.

Every Touchpoint in the Patient Journey Is an Opportunity

We’ve mapped out the touchpoints, we understand the psychological and emotional impacts affecting the patient, and we know how to reach them. Our engagement methods aren’t a secret. Staff training, process streamlining, new informational assets; all that and more are customized to help your practice connect with patients at every step of their journey. 

Integrate The Patient Journey Into Your Process

The patient journey often begins before your practice even knows it has. A potential patient searches online or gets referred by a general practitioner or family member; however they learn about you, it is just the beginning.

Patient journey mapping is the process of determining what that journey looks like, and how to create a patient experience that leads to greater engagement with every forward step. We map your journey and help your staff to understand and implement best practices that can change patients’ perceptions of care.

Redefine Patient Follow-up for the Telehealth Age

Patient follow-up doesn’t look like it used to. From ongoing video series about chronic condition management to telehealth visits that let you provide care from the comfort of the patients home, implementing the best options for your practice really depends on the services you provide. 

Our team will work with you to enhance your existing onboarding and follow-up methods with modern modalities that aren’t just short term solutions. The future of health care delivery is changing, and it doesn’t take patients long to adapt their expectations. We’ll help you make sure those expectations are met.

Enhance Treatment Acceptance and Increase Retention

Treatment acceptance has a major impact on patient retention. We work with your team to analyze, update, and engage through conversations both verbal and visual. The right information presented at the right time in a way that patients understand increases trust in their physician, diagnosis, and treatment option. 

Retention can be better served by looking at patient health through a holistic lens. What opportunities are there to improve a patient’s health outcomes beyond their original reason for visiting?

Identifying and proactively responding to comorbidities and other conditions with information on ancillary services transforms the patient/practice relationship—passive response to a patient-initiated visit becomes a deliberate action from a physician that cares.

Proactively Manage Your Reputation

Online reviews can make or lose your practice tens of thousands of dollars of business each year. You may not be able to control what or where patients post, but you can help guide them. Our online review management system is your online review guidance and security system.

Patient engagement is multi-faceted. That’s why our strategies are tailored to your practice needs, enhancing your strengths and expanding your engagement toolbox.

We add highly visible calls to action to your site and send email invitations to solicit reviews and help direct patients with negative experience to speak with your practice directly. Patients with positive experiences are encouraged to leave reviews on major platforms, and when they don’t, our system constantly scans for and alerts you when a new review about your practice is posted on Google, Facebook, Healthy Hearing, HealthGrades, etc.

Social Media Simplified

Few physicians, doctors, and nurses have the time to regularly update social media. You’re working with and for patients, and they always come first. Social media doesn’t have to be a burden, and our management system makes it simple. We write and post on your behalf, you have full post approval, and we update your social audience for major practice changes like closures and new staff announcements.

You’ve worked hard to create a successful practice. Patient engagement can help it grow.

You can put it off for another year, but patients are engaging every day—it’s how that engagement is carried out that affects patient perception and reaction. You aren’t alone though. Partnering with Fuel Medical Group to help evaluate and enhance your engagement strategies means just that, a partnership. When your fourth quarter ends, the additional informational materials, service expansions and patient gains you achieve are yours.

We show you how you can engage patients at every step in their journey. You put those strategies into practice with the assistance of a large team supporting your initiatives. Contact Fuel Medical Group today to start your practice on the path towards a more profitable tomorrow.