Patient Retention

Patient Retention Solutions Built for Loyalty

Established patients are the foundation of your practice. Because you’ve already built a relationship with them, current patients are more inclined to invest in additional services and accept treatment. What’s the best way to maintain that relationship and improve your patient’s health outcomes? At Fuel, we specialize in providing the tools you and your team need to build this community and improve the patient experience. 

Nurturing your relationships with existing patients and consistently educating them about your ancillary services will have long-term, profitable results.”

Robin SanzMarketing Director

Let Us Help You Grow Your Community

Established patients become brand advocates – referring friends, family and co-workers. This is true across all value-based care models in commerce at-large but becomes magnified when that value also includes patient-centered care. We look at every patient interaction you have in place and find ways to ensure you’re set up to provide positive, lasting experiences. 

These are just a handful of ways we can collaborate with your team to build patient loyalty and promote patient referrals: 

  • Staff training and development to align your culture and brand
  • In-office marketing and custom patient education materials
  • Patient flow strategy optimization

Are You Using Your Database to Your Full Advantage?  

Many of the key tenets of patient retention are bound around your operational strategy in general. If you’re on top of your patient flow touchpoints and equipped with database analytical software, you can easily segment current patients into groups that could use your ancillary services. 

Building a Holistic Care Model That’s Proactive, Not Reactive

Identifying and treating conditions beyond a patient’s original complaint shows that your practice is taking a proactive approach to their continued health. The move away from a reactionary continuum of care is a move towards a progressive health strategy that helps foster patient loyalty, decreasing new customer acquisition costs and increasing revenue.

Acquiring a new customer is five times costlier than retaining an existing one.

Source: Invesp

How Are You Maximizing Patient Retention? 

At Fuel, we understand that creating positive and memorable patient experiences is critical to your success. If you’re looking for a strategic partner equipped with the cutting-edge software, operational knowledge and accomplished in-house creatives needed to build upon the patient portfolio you already have, we’re here for you. 

Contact Fuel Medical Group to learn how our custom patient retention solutions can help further grow your business today.