Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning That Doesn’t Entrust Your Future to Chance

Have a plan, have a future; it’s truly that simple. With Fuel in your corner, you get a complete SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis package and a dynamic, collaborative team of the industry’s leading consultants. We’ll take a 360-degree view of your practice and build a scalable, custom business strategy to help you grow and achieve your unique, targeted goals.

According to health care consultant surveys via Medical Economics, only about 20% of practices have a strategic plan in place, and of those, only a handful follow through with implementing them.

Source: Medical Economics

Practice Management Solutions to Increase Efficiency, Promote Growth and Improve Patient Experience

By creating practice goals in all key areas of your operation, we can help you and your team stay on track towards success and increase patient trust in the process. Just some of the areas we focus on for our members include:

  • Key performance indicators and national benchmarking.
  • Custom staff training programs and materials.
  • Proven product and service development strategies.
  • Proactive tools for crisis and uncertain times.

Engaging Your Patients Throughout Their Journey  

Every touchpoint along your patient’s journey is an opportunity to engage them for long-term loyalty. If planned correctly, they can lead to boosts in ancillary revenue and the overall profit of your practice. From initial intake and acquisition to retention and follow-up, we have an expert who can help you craft an ideal patient experience.

67% of customers say their standard for good experiences is higher than ever.

Source: Sales Force

Solidifying Your Brand as a Fixture of the Community

In today’s evolving health care landscape, branding is everything. The successful practice of tomorrow aligns its brand with their patients’ personal values. We can help you thread your practice’s identity through everything you do. 

Each patient interaction is an opportunity to reinforce the value your practice provides, whether it occurs online or in-person. Those interactions influence the way patients feel about your practice, whether they return for another visit and whether they’ll recommend you to their friends and family.

A strong strategic plan that is deliberate in its approach, yet willing to adapt to the continually changing landscape of its industry provides the base from which a practice can exceed its goals.”

Theo MaraisMarketing Director

How Are You Planning for Your Practice’s Future Goals?  

At Fuel, we don’t deal in surface-level strategies. We’re constantly prospecting, analyzing and integrating the industry’s best practices into our work, all in the interest of propelling you towards your practice’s goals. If you aren’t working with a forward-thinking strategic plan, our cross-departmental team of patient flow, operations and marketing experts are ready to help you change that.   

Contact Fuel today to learn how to leverage strategic planning in your business’ growth strategy.