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Providing the crucial link between revenue and complete, in-house care.

Multi-specialty practices are complex—the needs of individual doctors and the greater practice goals have to align while the patient journey spans departments. You have so much to consider beyond your financial bottom line; it can feel like there aren’t enough specialists to go around. Our marketing, operations and staffing specialists are ready to join your team. Welcome to Fuel Medical Group. 

At Fuel, we understand the crucial link
between revenue and patient outcomes.

As the nation’s leading advisory network of ENTs, we’ve been helping multi-specialty practices unify their business development goals for over a decade. Threading links between the complicated web of business and operations, we help you build value around the services you already deliver.

Multi-specialty Practice Benefits

Not only is our award-winning staff of industry experts deeply invested in every branch of otolaryngology, audiology and allergy, we’re versed in every nuance of business to take your continuum of care to the next level. Some of the ways we support your practice include:

  • Regional teams that understand your practice operations at a local level
  • Dedicated print and digital marketing teams 
  • Training, operations and recruiting resources
  • Patient-focused improvements to revenue cycles, outreach, and retention
  • Scaleable support options customized to your changing practice needs
  • Managed care and third party reimbursement optimization
  • A true partnership sharing your practice goals and advancement mission

Only 13% of physicians screen for hearing loss.

Source: Better Hearing InstituteBetterHearing.org


Within the hospital system, it is difficult for ENT and audiology departments to stand out among a diverse crowd of health services. Marketing may be restricted by corporate guidelines or a lack of departmental resources. How do you grow a business when your ability to privately promote ENT and audiology services is limited?

At Fuel Medical, we provide a holistic approach to practice management. Our team can help analyze your practice and provide custom solutions based on your unique needs and goals. From staffing and team development, to financial analysis and operational streamlining, our team provides comprehensive support services for every area of your business.

Threats of managed care and OTC can be mitigated by leveraging multiple treatment plan options to ensure proper compensation for the services rendered.

Nick CandeauxRegional Director

Common ways we support hospitals

  • Mapping the patient journey to identify opportunities to improve the patient experience.
  • Financial and competitive analysis to create custom treatment options to compete with managed care plans and OTC.
  • Leverage group purchasing for discounts with strategic suppliers.
  • Create and execute custom physician referral plans.
  • Compliment corporate marketing initiatives with ENT and audiology-specific collateral and digital campaigns.
  • Capitalize on internal marketing opportunities to educate on comorbidities associated with audiology and ENT health.

We look at your practice holistically, through a cyclical, three-lensed approach—practice support, revenue growth and patient engagement—collaborating to propel you into a progressive and profitable future.

Whatever your needs, Fuel’s intuitive blend of individual account managers, personalized service and limitless, custom solution strategies ensure that your business—and your patients’ experiences—are a success.

Ready to collaborate? Contact us to learn more today.