Leadership Team

Living Our Company Values

Every initiative is strengthened by our company pillars to – Be strategic, trustworthy, collaborative and deliberate in everything we do.

These pillars define our process. Trust in our senior leaders and staff to think strategically, collaborate constantly and produce deliberate work in order to reduce the noise of business for the practices we support.

Leading the Way

Our leadership team understands that strength doesn’t come from a single place. With diverse specialties and backgrounds, they combine the talents of their team members to produce industry defining work for every practice we work with.

“The tenure and experience of our team is something we’re very proud of. It allows us to combine proven best practices with innovative thinking to ensure your practice succeeds in all areas of business.”

Shawn ParkerFounder / Co-Owner

Guiding the Industry

Fuel Medical Group has never been content to follow. We don’t just look at what others are doing and ask, “How can we do it better?” We work with Audiologists, ENT’s, and Multi-Specialty practices to answer the question, “What more can we do?”

Our teams are always working to provide customized solutions for practices and provide ongoing education. For example, in response to the COVID-19 impact on our industry, we assembled a Task Force of experts who collaborate daily to assess the current business climate and do the hard work of researching and developing solutions necessary for financial recovery with your practice.

“We’ve responded early and quickly to changes in the healthcare landscape. From patient intake to new service modalities and retention methods, Fuel is always evolving to ensure our practice partners never get left behind.”

Brendan Ford, COPM-CFounder / Co-Owner

We’re all part of a larger community—when any practice can improve the healthcare services they deliver, their patients are the ones who benefit most of all.