COPM-C Certification – A Question & Answer Session with Sarah Laughlin, Director of Human Resources, COPM-C

What is the COPM-C certification? (How does one get it? Who authorizes it? What do the letters stand for?)

The COPM Certification is earned through ASCENT and stands for Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management (COPM). The dash-C stands for “corporate” and this just makes the distinction that a person does not work in an ENT clinic. Whether working in or in support of a clinic and its patients, those that have the COPM certification have studied all of the business components necessary to run a successful ENT practice. They then have passed a 150 question exam, and in subsequent years also maintained the CEUs necessary for recertification.

The COPM Advisory Board is the sole organizing body whose responsibility is to develop, implement and monitor the COPM program. The COPM Advisory Board is composed of leaders in the field who hold the COPM designation, and the board is approved by the ASCENT Executive Committee.

Every year the Advisory Board meets to ensure that test questions are relevant and that study materials meet the needs of the professionals who are taking the exam.

Why have you and other Fuel employees taken the steps to become COPM-C certified?

The process of studying and taking the certification test is another way that we invest in our understanding of the many challenges faced by the Practice Administrators with whom we work. There are twelve chapters in the COPM body of knowledge, ranging in diverse topics from accounting principles to marketing concepts to leadership. Each chapter represents an area that an administrator must know something about- it’s a lot and, the COPM-C certification reminds us why we do the work we do here at Fuel to support them, their staff and physicians.

How does the certification benefit Fuel members?

Having the COPM-C certification benefits our members in that they can have the confidence that we have taken the time to invest in understanding the many requirements of their job, and that knowledge then helps us to create solutions to support them in the work that they do for their patients, staff and physicians.

Do you need to do anything to maintain the certification each year?

Because it is important to keep up to date with changes in business practices, both in general and specific to healthcare, every two years COPM and COPM-C certificate holders must recertify by showing that they have accumulated 30 CEUs. A significant way of earning most of those CEUs is to attend the ASCENT annual conference.

How many Fuel employees are certified with their COPM-C?

We are proud to currently have 14 employees who have earned and maintained their COPM-C. They are:

  1. Becca DeWhitt
  2. Brendan Ford
  3. Christi Barrett (Hamilton)
  4. Jeff Thomas
  5. Jerrad Klumph
  6. Jessy Culp
  7. Kristina Nunez-Brown
  8. Lauren Cobb
  9. Leslie Pearson
  10. Sarah Laughlin
  11. Stacy Walker
  12. Steve Irwin
  13. Tonya Hawks
  14. William Ranes

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