Janet Denman, Account Manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself (i.e., professional background, hobbies, interests, etc.).

Sometimes, I look back on my life and wonder how I ended up with three very distinct careers. They’ve all been accidental—I just sort of fell into them. I spent 12 years selling geotextile fabrics and erosion control to the construction industry and 10 years as a corporate event planner (I have a Certified Meeting Professional certificate) before becoming a marketing professional here with Fuel.

I went to school later in life and worked my way through my MBA with an emphasis on project management.

I love to take photographs. I once went on a five-day photography camping trip on horseback, six hours into the High Sierras. It was an amazing experience to be where Ansel Adams was when he took some of his most famous photographs.

I crochet baskets. Lots and lots of baskets with an occasional cardigan, hat or blanket thrown in. I am trying my first craft sales this year. We’ll see how it goes.

I like to garden and am currently working on a backyard habitat restoration project, where I will only plant native plants from now on, and I am getting rid of my front lawn. A lawn gives nothing back to the environment, so I am trying to remedy part of that.

What is the most valuable resource you provide to our members, and what does an average day look like?

One valuable resource I provide to our members is my knowledge of manufacturer funds. This was one of the most complicated things to wrap my mind around when I started at Fuel, but once it finally clicked, I got it! I know what manufacturer funds are available and am able to match them to the member so that I am able to recommend “free” marketing.

I also provide top-notch project support, keeping things moving along so we can meet deadlines.

But probably the most valuable resource I provide them with is a relationship. I care about them and their business. I want to do what is right for them and help them to succeed. I am their greatest cheerleader, ear to talk to and partner.

An average day consists of jumping on emails early so I can catch up with Florida, where Jeremy, one of Fuel’s regional managers, is. Then, I check for any projects that might have come back and send them to members for review. There are always member calls to be on, which I always look forward to. And typically, new projects that need to be entered come from those calls. There is never a dull moment, and the days go by quickly. It’s fulfilling work.

Tell us something unique about you.

I was adopted at birth and grew up in Eastern Washington in a small town called Washtucna, with a population of 300. It was a wheat farming community, and my parents were grain haulers (truck drivers). My dad died just before I turned 10, but we lived there until I was 16, which is when we moved to Vancouver. What a culture shock. Just my class in high school was 300 people. I felt like a naïve fish out of water. LOL. I think that growing up where and how I did has given me a unique perspective on life and a fierce determination to succeed.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

How can anyone narrow this down to just one!? My family, my pets, my camera and my crochet hooks.

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