Audiology & Otology

Audiology Are you an otolaryngologist, private practice audiology provider or otologist looking for growth in a saturated marketplace? Are you interested in defining and building YOUR brand instead of a group or manufacturer’s brand? Our team of industry professionals can help you create a clear road map for growing your business, enabling you to grab a bigger share and allowing you to stand out in a crowded market. Specialty providers often rely on referrals to bring in patients. Good word of mouth begins with good business practices. Our proprietary Audiology EDGE™ protocol focuses on each phase of the patient lifecycle to create a customized system designed for success. Count on us for an unbiased look at all facets of your organization; we are experts at professionalizing YOUR practice, utilizing both traditional and digital marketing strategies, comprehensive annual planning and budgeting and a thorough analysis of your market demographics. If you’re wondering whether adding or expanding audiology services within your ENT practice is right for you there are a number of compelling reasons. Audiology related goods and services represent a significant ancillary revenue opportunity. By offering hearing device sales/services and audiological /vestibular assessments, you can grow your bottom line significantly. Implementing Fuel’s best practice systems will allow you to maximize this significant source of recurring revenue. Audiology Edge Our patient care philosophy is perfectly summed up in our patented Audiology EDGE™ protocol. More than just a catchy acronym, the EDGE™ advantage is real: it’s a lifestyle-based, end to end patient care protocol focusing on every aspect of your practice in order to make it as patient friendly and effective as possible, while providing you with unique opportunities for revenue and growth. What is the goal of EDGE™?
  • E – Establish value by sharing your expertise.
  • D – Discover needs through learning about your patient’s lifestyle.
  • G – Gain relationships by providing results.
  • E – Exceed patient expectations at every opportunity.
Audiology EDGE™ is a multiple-phase practice management and counseling approach. In Phase 1, we assess your needs, relying on provider and patient involvement to determine areas of opportunity. We then combine your needs with best practice procedures to create lifestyle based counseling system right for you. And our treatment options are second to none, giving you access to premier manufacturers and suppliers with advantageous pricing. Audiology Marketing During Phase 2, we focus on audiology marketing for your practice. Our goal is to brand your practice and services as the preeminent option in your geographic area, rather than branding a specific technology, group or manufacturer. We take a look at all the intangibles so important to your patients – everything from your website and social media presence to your waiting and consult rooms, signage, direct mail pieces, staff attire, on hold message and collateral materials. We’ll make recommendations based on our experience with what works best. This way, we help grow YOUR business from the inside out.
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