Plan Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Did you know that direct mail campaigns sent to your database perform two to twelve times better than purchase list initiatives? While we recommend using a purchase list when your goal is to bring in new patients, your database can be a gold mine of revenue opportunities when marketed to effectively. Below are a few ways to grow your practice using your database.

  • Encourage patients to treat the conditions you’ve already diagnosed. For example, send allergy shot reminder cards, inform lapsed allergy patients about sublingual immunotherapy, encourage hearing aid users with old technology to upgrade their devices and urge patients who postponed or declined treatment to reconsider.
  • Encourage patients to treat other areas of their health they may not have considered yet. In other words, educate patients on your other services by sending out a multi-screener or newsletter. You can also, for example, mail your sinus patients about the importance of regular hearing tests or mail your hearing loss patients about new treatments for allergies.
  • Encourage patients to promote your practice. You can do this by asking your patients to review you online or by running a “give the gift of better hearing” campaign, where the patient gives a friend a referral card that’s good for a free screening.

Are you getting the most out of your database? Talk to your account manager or regional manager to see if there are additional opportunities to grow your practice.

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