Adding an In-House PCR Lab Is Easier Than You Think

Adding an in-house PCR lab to your practice is easy when you have the right partner helping you every step of the way—and that’s Molecular Lab Partners (MLP).

Polymerase chain relation (PCR) testing has been in the public eye in recent years, thanks to the prevalence of COVID-19 PCR tests. But PCR testing isn’t just for patients with suspected coronavirus. ENT physicians can use the test on patients to determine if they’re suffering from a virus, bacteria or fungus, and specifically which one, along with any potential drug resistance the pathogen might have.

The 6 Benefits of an In-House PCR Lab From MLP

According to MLP, these are some of the benefits you and your patients will enjoy with an MLP-provided in-house lab.

Same-Day Turnaround Times—Instead of taking days to get a patient’s test results, you’ll have the validated results of an in-house PCR test the same day.

Faster Treatment Decisions—Quick results allow you to determine which bacteria are present and the most appropriate antibiotic to prescribe.

Better Patient Outcomes—MLP’s PCR tests are 99.99% accurate, making it easy for you to prescribe the right medication in the correct amount so that patients feel better faster.

Improved Patient Experience—Patients will enjoy the convenience of in-office testing (no driving to a separate facility) and getting their results and treatment sooner.

Clinical Workflow Efficiency—PCR testing with MLP’s proprietary preloaded plates helps eliminates human error and contamination to improve workflow.

New Revenue Stream—Instead of losing reimbursement dollars to an outside reference lab, you can add them to your bottom line. If your clinic orders 100–130 tests per month, you could generate approximately $30,000–$44,000 in net monthly revenue. That’s potentially an extra half million in yearly profits for your practice!

How MLP Can Help

MLP, a national provider of molecular-based PCR testing, offers a hands-on consulting service that our colleagues at US ENT have successfully used to set up in-house PCR labs at many of their member practices. MLP provides turnkey solutions that allow you to get your lab up and running in just 90–110 days.
Their industry experts will:

  • Source and install nearly all the equipment needed for your lab
  • Assist you in applying for two crucial government certifications—your Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) license and your Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation (COLA)
  • Help you find top-notch lab staff through MLP’s experienced human resource department, who will assist in recruiting, interviewing and hiring the right candidates
  • Set you up with an outside billing company that specializes in laboratory billing
  • Offer in-depth lab staff training
  • Provide validation of test results at the lowest cost in the industry

Once your lab is fully functioning, MLP will continue to support you with concierge backend service to ensure your continued success.

Fast, Easy & Cost-Effective: MLP’s Custom Preloaded Plates

MLP’s proprietary assay plates are a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge tool to make day-to-day lab work faster, easier and more cost-effective. These custom assay plates reduce the number of processing steps, allowing your techs to operate more efficiently.

MLP’s preloaded plates feature:

  • Ready-to-Run, Prefilled Wells—Lab techs only need to pipette the samples, as the required Master Mix is already present in the assay. Less pipetting saves your techs around 20–45 minutes per run. In addition, these preloaded plates reduce the risk of human error and contamination that comes with traditional lab testing.
  • Tear-Away Design on the 96-Well Plate—Just tear off what you need to run and save the rest, which helps reduce waste and supply costs.
  • Ability to Be Run on One Machine—Lab techs can run all assays at the same time and temp, allowing you to run multiple panels simultaneously.
  • Quick Results—It takes approximately one hour to do a run, which is much shorter than certain competitor assays.
  • Antibiotic-Resistant Markers—These will alert the doctor to antibiotics that may cause a reaction in the patient.  

Real talk—adding an in-house PCR lab isn’t cheap. Total setup costs range from $80,000 to $100,000, depending on your needs. But with the $30,000–$44,000 in monthly net revenue that the lab brings in, it won’t take long to recoup your initial investment and enjoy a big payoff for years to come. Bringing a PCR lab in-house is a sustainable way to grow your business and take better care of your patients, making it a win-win for everyone.

Interested in learning more about what your practice can generate with a customized proforma? Ask your regional manager for more information about Molecular Lab Partners or US ENT.

Data provided by Molecular Lab Partners.

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