Eyeing Success in 2021? Don’t Sacrifice Service for Pricing

Tomorrow’s Health Care, Made Possible Today

If your patients have access to the absolute best hearing healthcare available, why shouldn’t you as a business owner receive the same level of excellence when it comes to building up your practice?

At Fuel, our award-winning industry leaders specialize in personalized support and the most comprehensive set of services available—all combined with access to extremely competitive prices on hearing technology.

Whether you are an ENT practice, audiology practice or you’re part of a university or hospital campus, we do this by looking at all sides of your practice through a holistic, three-lens approach:

  • Practice Support—working with practices of all sizes to improve processes, improve patient experience and increase patient retention.
  • Revenue Growth—implementing phased initiatives to improve patient acquisition, optimize ancillary services, and maximize your online reach, presence and recognition.
  • Patient Engagement—customized staff training, process streamlining, new educational materials and more to help your practice connect with patients at every step of their journey.

Not Just a Buying Group—Fuel Offers the Greatest Depth of Support in the Industry  

Often, clinicians are under the impression that practice development support comes at the cost of increased prices or limited access to other resources typically available from suppliers.  Quite simply, that is not the case.

At Fuel you can have the best of all worlds — optimized pricing, access to manufacturer loyalty programs and our wide array of practice development resources.

Moreover, our resources expand beyond traditional support to include programs needed in an ever-changing market. Tools such as our Access Hearing Program, an answer to third-party benefit programs and the Better Hearing Plan, our unique subscription program allow you to compete more effectively in your market.

Building Custom Experiences for Your Patients, Not Just for Today, For Tomorrow

Fuel Medical Group has never been content to follow. We work with audiologists, ENTs and multi-specialty providers to answer the question, “What more can we do?”

Welcome to the industry’s most customizable solutions:

  • Professional Development: Improving outcomes from internal changes and optimizing investment in team members.
  • Human Resources: Progressive interviewing tactics, individualized recruitment campaigns, employee engagement and risk management.
  • Digital Services: Website design, paid ads, search engine optimization, patient review building and beyond— from first Google search to follow-up care.
  • Marketing: Patient retention, community outreach to collateral and branding guides—our proven solutions are tailored to your needs, utilizing our in-house team of design, content and marketing professionals.

Together, all of these services provide us the opportunity to offer our members the most innovative and price-conscious business growth strategies available today.

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