Help Your Colleagues Love Their Jobs

Love is in the air during February, and there are steps you can take to spread that positivity to your job. Office culture doesn’t only come from the top down—it’s a mindset that any employee can contribute to. There are several ways that anyone in a company can help facilitate a positive atmosphere.

Four Ways To Improve Office Culture

Celebrate Small Wins

It’s important to celebrate small wins alongside big ones. Successes of any size are important to everyone on your team and acknowledging them can build morale. For example, you might consider sharing positive patient reviews in an email or during a team meeting—this doesn’t have to fall to the manager alone. In fact, sometimes, it’s more impactful when it comes from a colleague.

Ask How Your Role Fits Into the Company’s Goals

It’s hard for people to feel like they’ve won if they don’t know what the goal is. Talk to your supervisor about your performance and how you can further your department’s success. Consider also asking how your role fits into broader department-wide and company-wide goals if that’s not already clear. This will help you gain insight into the direction of the company.

Show Appreciation

Acknowledging your corker’s contributions can go a long way in facilitating a positive office culture. While saying “thank you” is a great start, you can go even further with your positive feedback by making it more specific to a recent event.

Seek Multiple Perspectives

Every colleague has something to offer one another. Asking another coworker for their perspective on a patient interaction or other topic can be an opportunity for you to learn something new. This can also build collaboration and connection between teams. Challenge yourself to talk to people in different departments and levels in your company.

It’s a Year-Round Effort

Fostering a positive office atmosphere is a group effort that everyone can contribute to at any time. A thriving culture is about mindset, which occurs when you and your colleagues are working towards similar goals and feel appreciated and respected. Take small steps to create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere in your office.

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