Holiday Gift Guide for People with Hearing Loss

The holidays are here! You may have already ventured out on one or two shopping trips to buy presents for your family and friends. It can be tough finding the perfect presents for your loved ones, but shopping for someone who has hearing loss can make shopping extra difficult. Here are some tips to find your loved one with hearing loss the perfect gift.


Some of the most helpful gifts this year for a person with hearing loss are technology based for entertainment. Technology has come a long way and there are far more options for a person with hearing loss than in the past. Here are some ideas:

  • Vibrating alarm clocks are perfect for a sleepyhead with hearing loss. They range from $18 to $40.
  • Assistive listening devices are personal amplifiers that can be used while watching television or even eating out at a restaurant. Prices range from $30 for individual devices to $1000 for a complete in-home system.
  • Caption telephones are phones with a screen that translates words to text. They make it easier for a person with hearing loss to have telephone conversations. Phones start at $75.
  • Sound bar with hearing aid compatibility can be especially useful for the movie buff in your life. Sound bars have been quickly replacing traditional surround sound systems, but ones with hearing aid compatibility can reduce background noise to give your movie buff a better listening experience. Sound bars with hearing compatibility start at $200.


Does your loved one with hearing loss love to read? There are some great books featuring hearing loss.

  • Living Better with Hearing Loss by Katherine Bouton, a former New York Times editor, is a practical guide for adults with hearing loss. It covers mild to severe hearing loss and navigating hearing loss technology.
  • Shouting Won’t Help is also by Katherine Bouton and is her personal story of losing her hearing.
  • Hear Your Life: Inspiring Stories and Honest Advice for Overcoming Hearing Loss by Melissa Kay Rodriguez is a collection of stories about overcoming hearing loss.
  • Let’s Hear It For Almigal by Wendy Kupfer is a children’s book about a spunky little girl who gets hearing implants and is determined to hear everything.
  • Nobody’s Perfect by Marlee Matlin & Doug Cooney is for older children and portrays the challenges of becoming friends with a preteen who has hearing loss.

Stocking Stuffers

There are lots of stocking stuffers for the person in your life with hearing loss, especially if they use hearing aids. Here are some ideas ranging from $5 to $25 that you can find at your local drugstore or audiologist.

  • Batteries, but make sure you get the correct size.
  • Battery caddy that keeps spare batteries in tip top condition.
  • Hearing aid dryer.
  • Hearing aid clip.
  • Hearing aid sweatband.

Hearing Loss Prevention

Are you worried about a loved one damaging their hearing? Adults and teens who are regularly exposed to harmful noise levels at work or from their earbuds are at risk for hearing loss. Here are some gifts for preventing hearing loss:

  • Ear muffs or earplugs. You can find these items ready to use for less than $20 or visit a local audiologist for custom fit options.
  • Musician earplugs are great for the amateur or professional musician in your life. These are less than $20 but audiologists can provide custom fit earplugs or monitors.
  • Earbuds or headphones with noise reduction or cancellation are perfect for the music listener in your life. Both options keep sound levels lower by reducing the level or cancelling outside nose. You can find options starting at $20.

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