Strategic Planning for 2021 Starts Now

Fall has arrived, bringing with it those crisp snaps of annual change—the perfect time to recalibrate your strategic plan for 2021.

On average, practices are serving their communities at 80% of the capacity of last year’s levels. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to develop a comprehensive plan to diversify your marketing, increase patient engagement and align your patient flow with new cost-effective opportunities.

Last year we discussed the tenets of a successful plan, from establishing top-level budget goals to involving your leadership team, and of course, the importance of benchmarking your metrics.

2020 and the era of social distancing completely changed the dynamics of the health care landscape, showcasing in real-time how crucial it is to have a strategic plan that is flexible and proactive in setting you and your team up for success, whatever the world may throw at your business.

Consistent since last year, and according to the Administrator Support Community for ENTs, only 31% of ENT practices said they had mapped out a plan, and of those, only a handful follow through with implementing them. As such, this year, our focus is on engaging your practice in proactive, not reactive planning techniques, especially as we continue to operate below our normal levels of business.

Fuel can help you harness the power of targeted, pliable marketing campaigns that get your message in front of the right audience, create awareness about services offered and convert your patients to take action. From traditional marketing channels such as print media to comprehensive digital strategies—we leave no opportunity behind when it comes to providing an increased return on your investment.


  • Digging deep into your database and creating the right message to deliver at the optimal time
  • In-office collateral promoting your broad spectrum of services
  • Physician referral campaigns designed to create lost-lasting relationships
  • Low-cost digital advertising—including social media

Ready to get started on your strategic plan for 2021? Reach out to your regional team, today.

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