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What a year 2020 has been! There’s an old fisherman’s saying that when one cannot go out to sea, mend your nets. In other words, there’s always a way to work on your business, even when it appears as though you can’t work on your business.

For those of us in the health care industry, it’s been a banner year of uncertainty and social distancing changes in office protocol and flow—e.g., the perfect time to recalibrate the core foundations of your business’ growth strategy.

As such, in an effort to practice what we preach, we completely overhauled our website to continue to offer you the industry’s leading tools and hands-on strategies to succeed. Entirely recast to shine a fresh light on our holistic, three-lens approach to supporting your business—practice support, revenue growth and patient engagement—we’re excited to share this new experience with you.

Why the New Site—Why Now?

In tandem with the fisherman adage, websites by nature should undergo an overhaul every few years to keep up with the latest design and development trends. This is something we practice with our in-house development team when building out custom websites for our members, as well as, offering follow-up support and refreshes when the time is ripe.

In regard to our specific needs, we are constantly looking for ways for our website to become a better resource for prospects and existing customers. One of the areas we felt needed some attention was a better showcase of our depth-of-knowledge. So, we’ve stocked the site with a veritable encyclopedia of support resources we specialize in, and are mediating the experience with an expanded blog and a full multi-media library.

What Else Can Visitors Expect from The New Site?

The marquee new resource is the above-mentioned holistic, three-lens divisions through both why we do what we do, and how we do it—practice support, revenue growth and patient engagement. Through these three lenses we guide visitors on a journey through all the unique ways we can help our members.

Some other refreshes we’re excited about:

  • Team bio updates with anecdotes on what makes Fuel such a great place to work.
  • A new blog design with a more frequent schedule, chock-full of category-specific industry insider tips and news.  
  • An improved desktop and mobile user experience. 

What Separates the New Site from Others in the Industry Pack?

We couldn’t be prouder of the new navigation of our wide range of in-house solutions. Typically outsourced by competitors, it’s not an understatement to say we are currently providing the most comprehensive actionable set of full-breadth consulting tools in the industry, now backed with the most thorough content in a beautiful new design.

Ready to experience the new FuelMedical.com? Head on over to the home page now.

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