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When it comes to recruiting and retention, it isn’t about finding anyone who can do the work; it’s about finding the right person who’s eager to learn and grow with the organization. At Fuel, our team of five Human Resources and Recruiting experts take a holistic approach to HR that addresses the needs of our practice members at the time they need them. Read on to learn a little more about how our HR/Recruiting team helps practices with day-to-day office challenges.

Team Members:

  • Sarah / Director of Human Resources / 7 years
  • Christi / HR Generalist / 7 years
  • Shaylyn / Recruiting Specialist / 1 year
  • Justin / Recruiting Specialist / 5 months
  • Carrie / Recruiting Specialist / 4 months

Services Provided to Members:

  • Recruitment, Orientation, and Retention
    • Job analysis and questionnaires
    • Job descriptions
    • Job ads
    • Networking communication tools
    • Interviewing:  able to partner with hiring manager to run the gamut from interview question creation to fully participating in the candidate screening questions.
  • Performance Planning and Improvement
    • Provide recommendations and tools to support the productive relationships between managers and employees with performance planning and discussion formats
  • Employee Relations
    • Provide consultative support – someone to share ideas with and write scripts to practice those hard conversations
  • Compensation and Benefits
    • Benchmarking using aggregated Fuel data.  We support Member business in being the employer of choice using a combination of direct and indirect compensation elements
  • Compliance
    • Assist in the communication process to support compliance with regulatory initiatives
      • Handbook reviews
      • Policy samples and/or recommendations
      • Research, bulletins
  • Department Metrics and Initiatives
    • Gather and provide input and information on trending policies and procedures in human capital management
  • Education
    • Provide consultation to members on job-related training that supports the competency, development and productivity of staff

How do you interact with Fuel members?

Our opportunity to support our members’ goals comes in a variety of ways. Sometimes, because we have a relationship with a member already, it’s through direct outreach (email/phone), as in “I have a recruitment, let’s get going on it.” It may come from Jim Fedio, our Director of Professional Development, saying that the work he does with a practice to improve their culture exposes a misalignment in a person’s fit with the organization, and that we need to strategize a respectful way to move that person out of the practice. Or, it could be in the form of a Regional Manager who hears concerns from a member that someone on staff is not technically competent for the role they are in, and the member doesn’t know how to tell that person. We partner with our members on all these employee communication topics.

How do you support other departments at Fuel?

I think what makes our HR/Recruiting team unique is one of our Four Pillars here at Fuel:  “Collaboration.” I don’t mean just collaboration among the HR team, which I think we do well, but collaboration with other departments within Fuel. Every recruitment starts with a look at a member’s website. Feedback about the patient experience is critical because it ties into to the employee experience. Is it good, or is there room for improvement? Is that going to be a barrier to prospective candidates that the Fuel team can help mitigate? Our Digital team could support our recruiting efforts through implementation of our reputation management program, for example. We work with our Content Writers and Graphic Designers to come up with compelling ads that grab a candidate’s attention away from other opportunities. Our Social Media Specialist, Kimberly Espinoza, is an excellent resource for positioning social recruiting efforts, and our Regional and Account Managers are always willing to use their expertise since they know our members best and help us highlight the unique experiences within each practice. 

The HR/Recruiting team is always working internally to improve our recruiting and staff engagement outcomes by looking externally at both related and unrelated industries. How do laws change and where do they change? What are trends that may impact our members’ business? And yes, a low unemployment rate ranks at the very top of concerns that we are working to address for them.

Fun Facts/What makes your department unique?

Fuel and the HR/Recruiting team are right where they are supposed to be! Evidence: Christi Hamilton, HR Generalist and Recruiter, bought her first car right from the showroom floor here in the building that houses Fuel Medical Group.

Back in the day it was Westlie Ford. (Yes, a Ford dealership!) It was a 1999 Ford Focus! The stars aligned – and our whole team is here to support the growth of our member practices, and the development of their staff.

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