Quality Assurance Team

Team Members:

Kate O’Bryant, Marketing Quality Assurance and Process Manager, 8+ years

Vanessa Hoang, Marketing Quality Assurance Specialist, 1.5 years

What services do you both provide to members? 

We work with our account manager and internal teams to ensure requests are entered and done in the most efficient manner. Since July 2022, we have seen a total of 2,307 projects, with a monthly average of 331. 

We review all marketing and most digital projects submitted to Fuel and give them the final check to make sure they are HIPAA compliant and that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  

How do you interact with Fuel members?  

We don’t interact directly with our members, but we do support them through our regional and account teams. We also work on company events and programs to support communication with the membership.  

How do you support other departments at Fuel?   

We support quite a few departments at Fuel in a variety of ways. We help answer questions on all things Fuel or connect them with the right subject matter expert. We also assist the following departments: 

  • Brand Development team in executing Fuel programs and events. 
  • Professional Development team by assisting them with their new training courses, such as their newly updated Stepping into Modern Leadership course and their new Introduction to Being an Aud Tech course. 
  • Digital Department in a couple of ways, with one example being email marketing creation and deployment. Another way is by working together to support internal workflow changes to create and foster efficiencies.  

Fun Facts/What makes your department unique? 

Both of us love to be involved with Fuel as we’re both members of our Fuel Fun Committee and help plan employee engagement activities! We also have a similar background in that we have both worked as part of our regional, account and internal teams—which makes us ideal for assisting cross-functionally at Fuel. In addition, we both have pets! Kate has two cute rats, Mr. Chippy and Moosifer (guess who the bad one is), and recently added an adorable puppy, Bea Arthur. Vanessa has two Chihuahuas, Tiny and Buddy (named after the fact that they’re tiny buddies). And we both love to travel!

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