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CodeToolz helps medical providers increase their revenue by using their strategic and technical skills to customize reimbursement strategies and assist with price negotiations. As one of the most effective payer contracting and reimbursement firms in the country, CodeToolz has insight into the market dynamics impacting provider reimbursement and the expertise needed to manage and optimize payer revenue streams.

CodeToolz has the tools necessary to provide you with quantifiable results that directly impact your bottom line in aggregate and by CPT® code for all your payers. Their experts organize, analyze and maximize your payer contracts and fee schedules in one simple place.

Why CodeToolz?

ROI – Many CodeToolz clients see increases of 10% to 15% and ROI often exceeds 8X – 10X.

REVENUE – A 7% increase (average) on payer reimbursements of $500,000 will put an extra $35,000 in your pocket.

EFFECTIVE – Precisely-timed, data-driven renegotiations. No more outdated fee schedules!

EFFICIENT – Key contractual information is easily available. All contracts are inventoried and catalogued.

RELIABLE – Compare your reimbursements on an ongoing basis. Test payer offers, your counter-offers and much more.

RELEVANT – Calculate the financial impact of any fee schedule or proposed payer rate amendment for all your CPT® codes.

The contract analyzer maximizes practice revenue by analyzing payer contracts and compares your contracts and reimbursements on an ongoing basis. The analyzer also inventories and catalogues all contracts, making the information easily accessible and available as a reference for renegotiation.

Payer letters are created to aid in the contract renegotiation process. A contract renegotiation notice is automatically created annually, depending on the anniversary date. Terminating provider agreements and notices to patients are available services.

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