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Medical Risk Institute is a firm formed exclusively to provide proactive counsel to the health care community, help providers understand where liability risks originate and work to reduce or remove these risks. Their mission is to utilize their sub-specialized knowledge base and extensive expertise to a.) identify emerging threats of liability risk for physician groups and hospitals and b.) defuse these risks.

Why the Medical Risk Institute?

  • Ten percent of every dollar spent on health care is attributed to the cost of liability and defensive medicine (Price Waterhouse Coopers).
  • By age 65, 75 percent of physicians in low-risk specialties and 99 percent of those in high-risk specialties will face a claim (The New England Journal of Medicine).
  • 2013 saw 2.6 billion in health care recovery and judgments under the False Claims Act, not including the $443 million recovered by state Medicaid programs (U.S. Department of Justice).

From instructional courses and materials to in-depth audits focused upon reducing liability claims, the Medical Risk Institute’s interactive and engaging programs will give physicians and staff the skills needed for protection from liability claims for years to come.

Staying compliant with billing, privacy and employment law is essential for risk management. Medical Risk Institute offers a compliance calendar to help keep practices up-to-date with some of the highest priority compliance tasks each month – and all year long.

AmSpa On-Demand HIPAA Education & Certification

Medical Risk Institute offers online HIPAA training. This resource is vital to health care practices, as all faculty and staff are federally required to receive HIPAA training; this class fulfills that requirement.

What You Get

  • Health Care Attorney Led Training
  • Information Packed Self-Paced Training
  • Multimedia Visual Demonstrations
  • Quiz Following Course Training
  • Participant Certificate for Documentation of Training

Participants Will Learn:

  • The Anatomy of a Breach
  • Top Five Causes of a Data Breach
  • How to Prevent Breaches
  • Economics of HIPAA
  • Economics of a PHI/e-PHI Breach
  • Importance of Vetting Business Associates

Fuel Member Benefit

As a Fuel member, you have access to discounted HIPAA certification training for your annual staffing requirements and a variety of service packages built to meet your compliance needs.

Medical Risk Institute is a valuable resource for your practice when it comes to HIPAA education and compliance. Visit the MedRisk Compliance Calendar to help you keep up with monthly compliance tasks at http://www.medriskinstitute.com/articles-resources/2019-compliance-calendar/.

For more information on the Medical Risk Institute, including the complete package details and pricing model (built out annually by number of providers), contact your regional manager or Medical Risk Institute today.

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